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Personality First, Looks Second Dating

Add your Twitter-like 140 character fact & discover people by personality first.
Simply tap to unblur and reveal the face behind the story.

Secretly Like People, Shhh…

Simply Like or Pass on each person, they’ll never know you've
liked them, until they like you back. Your location is never shared.

It's A Mutual Like! Message For Free

When someone you’ve liked, 'Likes' you back, it’s a Mutual Like! Loveflutter
starts a chat, so all you need to do is send a message and Suggest-a-DateTM

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Discover Great Date Places, Tap 'Date Ideas'

From classy cafes and cocktail-making to rum-tasting or hangouts over sushi, with the power
of Loveflutter's 'Date Ideas'  in the palm of your hand, finding a great date place couldn't be simpler.

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Found The Perfect Place? Hit 'Suggest-a-Date'

Loveflutter learns what you both like and leads you to a place nearby you'll both love. 
With curated venues and offers, simply Suggest-a-DateTM and get ready to date.


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