Anti-Selfie Day

14th February 2016

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We've fallen in love with the selfie, but has our obsession gone too far? With the #AntiSelfieMovement highlighting some worrying trends, let's spark debate with one day of fun to show you're more than your looks. 

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#PostNoSelfies For 24HRS & #BagUp In Support

Join in. Post no selfies for 24 hours across all of your social channels on Feb 14 and make a face-free statement by bagging up. Take an #AntiSelfie not a #Selfie and host a Paper Bag Party.

1. The Paper bag

Grab a paper bag and get
your camera ready
Can't find a bag? Buy your Anti-Selfie Kit online below.
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2. Make the face

Emblazon your bag with your
140-character #QuirkyFact
Add a hidden talent or fun story about yourself, a Twitter-like snapshot of your personality.

3. Post & host

Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
& Tinder, using #AntiSelfieDay
Host a Paper Bag Party for all your single friends, bags of fun! p.s. you'll need a load of bags!

Try out the personality first, looks second dating app behind the idea.

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What's in the kit? You'll receive a pre-cut,
durable brown paper bag,
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