Best Background Check for Dating: Stay Safe While Dating Online in 2020!


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With several dating sites to choose from, finding a compatible match has never been easier. But as the chances of finding true love increase with online dating sites, so, too, do the risks of matching with malicious people. So how can you stay safe while dating online?

Dating online is risky, but you can make it safe by conducting background checks on potential matches. Of course, you can conduct your background checks manually, but using an app or site specifically designed for examining people’s profiles will yield better results.

Read on as we list some of the leading background checking sites that’ll keep you safe when dating online.



Best Background Check for Dating

Truthfinder is a highly regarded background check website that allows you to uncover crucial information of virtually anyone in the US. The site is among the best sites for conducting background checks when dating online.

So, if you want to know more about the person you’re flirting with online, TruthFinder can help you know whether he or she has criminal records, sex offenses, divorce records, and other useful information.

Since its launch in March 2015, Truthfinder has established itself as one of the best background check sites for online dating. Currently, the site boasts of an impressive 9.5 million search sessions a month.

An A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating proves that the site is a trusted service provider, meaning you can count on it to find out more about your date.


  • Unlimited, highly-accurate background checks
  • Provide recent and well-updated details
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Scans social network and public records data to unveil all information
  • Support team is accessible every day and can be accessed through phone


  • Users have to pay to conduct searches

Extra charges for cross-referencing services



Best Dating Background Checker for Mobile

BeenVerified was founded in 2007 and prides itself on providing fast and accurate background check services. The company has over 100,000 subscribers and 10 million monthly visits, making it one of the best sites for background checks when dating online.

You can use the site to check on crucial details about your date such as criminal records, marital status, and traffic offenses.

To background check on a person you met on an online platform, BeenVerified combines different sources like public records, property records, social media accounts, and criminal history details.

As a subscription-based service, you`ll have to purchase a membership plan to access the search features and know more about your date.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Accurate and detailed results
  • Membership provides access to a host of features


  • Might take long for search results to appear

Users can’t conduct free background checks


Instant Checkmate

Best Dating Background Checker in Regards to Pricing

When it comes to affordability, not many background checking companies for dating compare to Instant Checkmate. The background check agency gives its members a $1 five-day trial period, allowing you to search your online date before deciding on whether to upgrade.

Instant Checkmate has an extensive criminal record database that searches at the national, state, and local levels, as well as social media profiles, to make sure you know everything about your potential date.


  • Affordable five-day trial ($1)
  • Provides extensive user details in a single search
  • Comes with a mobile app
  • Easy to use interface


  • Members complain about poor customer care in most reviews
  • Search can take time
  • The mobile app can hang at times



Best Dating Background Check for Ease of Use

Having started as a social network aggregating agency in 2006, Spokeo eventually ventured into people searching services in 2010 and has never looked back.

Compared to the other background checkers, Spokeo has a friendly pricing package, which makes it easy to conduct searches on people of interest.  A month’s subscription will cost you $14, while a 3-month subscription will have you pay $24.

Despite being a legitimate background checking site, Spokeo doesn’t reveal loads of crucial information to its users. For instance, after subscribing, you’ll need to pay extra to access your date’s personal information like court and historical (birth and marriage) records

Members also have a standard 100 searches per month, meaning you’ll have to pay more if you want to unearth more details about your date.


  • Simplistic interface makes it easy to use and search
  • Affordable compared to other sites
  • Loads fast
  • Provides additional information like hobbies and wealth data


  • Not transparent with its pricing policy
  • Information isn’t regularly updated
  • Isn’t big on providing crime-related data



Best Online Background Checker for Fast Searches

IDtrue stands out due to its simplistic and easy-to-use interface. The site also has a reputation for turning up results in less than 30 seconds, an ideal feature that allows you to learn more about your date instantly!

To perform a background check on your date, you’ll need his or her full name, phone number, as well as the city of residence.

The search will then provide details regarding your date’s residency, criminal records, and also marital records. Marriage records will help you find out if your date is married, divorced or even cheating on you.

Even better, IDtrue will also reveal your date`s financial data like eviction notices and bankruptcy.


  • Conducts accurate and well-targeted searches
  • Unlimited monthly searches
  • Loads fast, which is ideal if you don’t want to wait
  • People search directory
  • Simplistic interface allows for smooth usage


  • Accessing the support team can prove difficult
  • Users can’t check backgrounds for free or purchase one-off reports



Best Online Background Checker for Dating when It Comes to Free Searches

Unlike other sites that require payments before releasing results, CheckPeople allows clients to make the first search for free. However, you’ll need to subscribe to unlock the unlimited search feature.

You’ll also love the site’s easy to use interface that makes searching for your date’s information a breeze. Some of the services provided include court records search, birth and divorce records search, and even a dark web scan.

You can also search for police and property records- just to make sure you know enough about that potential date.

The site also searches social media profiles and blog posts, making it easy to find information about your date, and unearth potential lies early enough.

Although CheckPeople has an average pricing model compared to its competitors, canceling a subscription isn’t straightforward. You’ll need to call their toll-free number and speak to an agent before your subscription is canceled.


  • Unlimited background checks every month
  • Provides mugshots, increasing accuracy
  • Easy to use due to its simplistic interface
  • Allows for a free first search
  • Loads fast


  • Canceling subscriptions isn’t straightforward
  • Support team not easily accessible via the site’s phone number



Best Dating Background Check for Buying One-Time Reports

Similar to CheckPeople, Intelius gives all its new clients a free first search. But the search results will be basic, meaning you’ll need to upgrade to obtain further information like your date`s criminal records.

Intelius allows clients to either buy a one-time report or subscribe to a full membership.

Intelius aggregates its data from several public sources such as federal and state governments as well as social media and website details, meaning you can know more about your date. The search service is pretty fast, although not as fast as TruthFinder.

As one of the most experienced background check companies, Intelius is a great option for obtaining address information, criminal records, and more details about a person you met online.


  • Loads relatively fast
  • Free first search
  • Fair pricing


  • The interface could use some improvements
  • Doesn’t regularly update information
  • Searches aren’t as accurate as competitors

How to Conduct Background Check for Dating on Your Own

Google People Yourself

Conducting manual searches on Google can go a long way in keeping you safe when looking for love online. Once you’ve gotten past the casual chats and are gradually heading towards the first date, you should search your potential partner online.

Head over to your browser and key in his name or the name of the company he claims to own. While Google might not provide the most accurate or sensitive details, it’ll help you confirm one or two things about his personality.

Use Social Media Such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for Your Background Check while Dating Online

Nowadays, almost everyone has a social media profile (although not everyone is active). So if your date claims he’s not really into social media and all, you should take that as a red flag and run as fast as you can!

Provided you know your potential date’s name, you should conduct your due diligence and check for his profile on social media. Head over to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn and type in his name in the search button.

While you don’t have to follow him on Twitter or send a friend request on Facebook, take a keen look at his profile and how it is managed. LinkedIn can be a great place to learn more about your date’s professional side, and whether he truly owns that million-dollar start-up he always talks about.

Reverse Image Search as a Background Check for Dating

You don’t have to kiss all the frogs before finding your prince charming. You can easily discover the fakes by conducting a reverse image search on Google to identify the real owners of suspicious photos.

Type Google images on your desktop, and an option to search by image will appear. You can either paste the URL of the image or upload an image directly from your device if you have it saved.

Use Stud or Dud for Your Background Check which Is Free

Stud or Dud is an app that anyone diving in the waters of online dating should keep close. Once you create a free account, you can start conducting searches on your potential dates, fishing for useful information.

The site is great at spilling the beans, especially on sensitive details such as criminal records, marital status, court records, and even property records. You can know everything about that charming guy or lady by creating an account on Stud or Dud, which is free and easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions on Background Checks for Dating

What will a background check show me?

Background check companies usually aggregate information from a collection of public sources. They check public records, social media accounts, blogs, and other sources to compile relevant information about a particular individual.

These searches usually contain court records, sex offenses, warrants, convictions of misdemeanors and felonies as well as incarceration records.

Do background checks provide truthful and accurate details?

Trusted background check companies like TruthFinder will provide accurate and updated details. Since most background check companies are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), they have to abide by the various guidelines provided.

Moreover, most companies strive to score positive BBB ratings, which motivates them to improve their services. While the information provided by the search companies won’t be 100% accurate, most details are usually correct, meaning you can use them to make personal judgments.

Could a background check fail to provide all information?

Using top-rated sites like TruthFinder and BeenVerified, though fairly costly, will ensure that you get all the information needed to make a judgment. Some sites will go the extra mile and search the dark web, which increases the accuracy of the results returned.

But before making conclusions, make sure you counter check the details to ensure that they are relevant to your person of interest. You can easily mistake reports, especially when searching for people with common names.

Can I truly be safe while online dating?

Your safety when dating online depends on a host of factors. First, you’ll need to subscribe to a credible site with advanced security features. Second, you have to proceed with caution, especially when interacting with potential dates.

Avoid providing personal details such as credit card numbers, and even more importantly, never rush into physical dates. Take as much time as possible to know a potential love interest and, if you decide to take your relationship to the next level, ensure you meet in public places.

While you cannot be 100% safe when dating online, you can take several measures to increase your safety.

Our Take on the Best Background Checks for Dating

Dating online should be fun and spontaneous. But that doesn’t mean compromising on your online security.

Using the best background checks like TruthFinder will ensure that you get all the crucial information in one place. But you’ll have to pay to conduct searches on such sites. The best free alternative is Stud or Dud, which will also provide sensitive information like criminal and court records.

No matter how charming a potential date might be, it’s always crucial to tread with caution, more so when dating online. We recommend conducting a background check on that hot guy or lady before taking your relationship to the next level.

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