The Best Senior Dating Sites of 2020

Senior Dating Site

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Seniors face a lot of challenges and dating is one of them. It’s hard to meet people after a certain age and it’s easy to get frustrated with traditional dating. Online dating for seniors is a convenient alternative to traditional dating. Seniors dating sites are made specifically for older adults and have features and services that cater to their needs. eHarmony is one of the top senior dating sites, but there are several others to consider as well.



5.00 (12990 votes)

eHarmony is one of the best senior dating sites for people who are looking for something serious or long-term. The site claims credit for helping create 4% off all marriages in the United States. While some sites are mean for casual dating or hookups, eHarmony focuses on matching users with potential life partners.

The site uses 29 different dimensions to match users based on compatibility. Users take a quiz that helps the system match them with possible love interests. The quiz reveals matches so there’s no need to search or browse profiles.

Users have an option for local dating but for the most part, the system handles all matches. It’s an ideal dating site for seniors who not only want something serious but aren’t sure how to go about meeting the right person or are bad at choosing the right dates. This site gets 4 out of 5 stars.


  • Free version
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Suggested matches
  • Compatibility screening


4.95 (12301 votes)

OurTime is an online dating site for seniors over the age of 50. While some sites make it all about romance, OurTime offers more options. If you aren’t ready to date, there are options to form close friendships, find pen pals, people to travel with, or other types of companionship. It’s the best way to transition into the online dating scene. Even though all these other options are available, the site still helps thousands of seniors find love. This site gets 4 out of 5 stars.


  • Targets seniors
  • Various connection types
  • Laidback atmosphere
  • Free membership available


4.81 (11767 votes)

SilverSingles is another online dating site for seniors that caters to those who are shy, or new to online dating. It’s the best site for anyone over the age of 60 or seniors who have been previously married and are ready to try again. It has a layout that is easy for anyone to understand, even those who aren’t good with computers or smartphones.

Users complete a lengthy and comprehensive during sign up, that’s used to help match them with other seniors who have the same interests and are looking for the same type of relationship. This site gets 3 out of 5 stars.


  • Comprehensive compatibility tests
  • Safe
  • Designed for seniors
  • Easy to use


4.73 (11400 votes) is one of the most popular online dating sites for people of all ages and one of the best senior dating sites for seniors who know what they want but also want a lot of options. It’s been helping people connect for over 20 years and they have a matchmaking guarantee. If you don’t meet someone within six months of joining the site, you get a free six-month membership.

The site has over 35million visitors each month and while it does offer five matches each day, you are also free to search or browse profiles to find other potential matches. This site gets 4 out of 5 stars.


  • Ability to choose your own matches
  • Matchmaking guarantee
  • Millions of profiles


4.65 (10988 votes)

Catholic Match is one of the best senior dating sites for catholic people. It’s a great place to meet other seniors who share the same religious views and values. Designed for all types of relationships, seniors can use Catholic Match to find love, friendship, or for casual dating. It’s easy to make your profile and you have the option to fill out different questionnaires that can help match you to new people. You can narrow down your options with suggested matches or by area. This site gets 3 out of 5 stars.


  • Targets Catholics
  • Suggested matches
  • Search locally


4.58 (10750 votes)

The best dating sites for seniors are the ones that give you exactly what you want. EliteSingles is designed for seniors who know exactly what they want in a relationship. This isn’t a casual dating website, it’s for those who are looking for something serious and don’t have time to mess around. Users on this site are mostly professionals who are well-educated and are looking for other professionals.

The matchmaking is based on algorithms that look at five different personality factors for compatibility. You can even see your results and other users who match with you and then narrow down your options. Seniors on this site seem to have everything going for them in life and are seeking serious relationships. This site gets 4 out of 5 stars.


  • Professional matchmaking algorithms
  • Search options
  • Long subscriptions get reduced rates


4.43 (10498 votes)

Religion is important for many seniors who are searching for a potential partner, and Christmas Mingle is the best senior dating site for Christian seniors. It’s the number one platform for Christian singles and has over 60,000 new signups every month. It also has the highest percentage of Christian singles of any online dating site.

You have the option of pursuing relationships with suggested matches, or browsing profiles to find your own matches. While many people use this site to find serious relationships, you can also use it for casual dating and friendship. This site gets 3 out of 5 stars.


  • Targets Christians
  • Various types of relationship options
  • 60,000 monthly sign-ups


4.40 (9978 votes)

Black People Meet is the best online dating site for African American seniors. It’s designed exclusively for people who are interested in is dating black people but it is open to all races. The site has strict community guidelines that make it a no-nonsense place to meet people. Whether searching for love or something more casual, you can find it here.

You can be matched with a potential partner, pen pal, travel buddy, or just a friend. There are a lot of options and it’s easy to browse the profiles. You may receive match suggestions daily, but you are also free to find your own matches. This site gets 3 out of 5 stars.


  • Option for romantic or casual matches
  • No-nonsense rules
  • Easy profile setup
  • Suggested matches


4.21 (9650 votes)

Zoosk is the best online dating site for seniors that are new to online dating and just want to get their feet wet. It’s easy to use and has a fun layout that allows you to get started quickly. Instead of answering a lot of questions, you just fill out your profile in a few simple steps, and you are ready to start chatting with potential love interests.

It’s ideal for people who just want something casual or a quick hookup, but if you do decide you want something more, you an answer more questions to find more intimate matches. Zoosk does offer matches based on your interested and hobbies, but you are also free to browse profiles to find someone who interests you. This site gets 3 out of 5 stars.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick startup
  • Suggested matches
  • Low pressure


4.16 (9171 votes)

Senior Match was designed with the thought that romance is based on friendships. It’s best for people who are open to a romantic relationship but need to establish a good friendship first. The site uses algorithms that don’t just match you with potential romantic partners, but potential friends as well.

There is even an option to find groups of people who share the same interests so you can find companions for activities and travel. There are instant message options as well as ways to flirt and send break the ice. Since it’s made for seniors, you won’t have to worry about scrolling through pages of profiles that belong to people who are too young. This site gets 4 out of 5 stars.


  • More than just romantic matches
  • Ability to find activity groups
  • Instant messaging options


4.02 (8767 votes)

Adult friend finder is the best online senior dating site for older adults who want something casual and fun. It’s not ideal for romantic relationships, but that’s not to say they can’t develop. Senior singles use this site for hookups and fun.

It’s a reputable site with a large member base. There are numerous ways to search for potential masters and even the ability to use webcams for more personal and intimate conversations and fun. While you may come across younger daters on this site as well, many seniors use it too. This site gets 3 out of 5 stars.


  • Various search options
  • Webcam chats available
  • Targets older singles
  • Idea for hookups


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Do Dating Sites Really Work for Seniors?

Dating at any age is difficult, but as you get older, it seems harder to meet people. You may not have the time, mobility, or means to be successful with traditional dating. Online dating is a great option because it allows you to meet people all over the world who are the same age as you and looking for the same type of relationship. Millions of seniors have found love, friendship, companionship, and even casual fun with online dating sites.


What is the Best Senior Dating Site for a Serious Relationship?

Seniors who are looking for something serious will be most successful with websites that require a questionnaire to determine matches and compatibility. While many sites ask you to answer questions about yourself to match you with people with the same interests, there are others that go beyond obvious interests and personality traits and use professional algorithms to match you with people based on traits you may not even be aware of. EliteSingles and eHarmony are two sites that use these types of algorithms and may be the best option for seniors seeking a serious relationship.


Benefits of Online Dating for Seniors

There are many benefits of online dating for seniors. Seniors who have an open mind and are willing to give an online website a try can find the type of companionship they desired.



It doesn’t get much easier to meet someone than with online dating. Instead of trying to determine who is single as work or church, or putting yourself out there at a bar or social event, you can sit back and relax while you browse profiles of people who are all looking for the same thing as you. It’s easy to meet people, get to know other seniors, and determine if you are compatible, with online dating.



It’s a crazy world out there and traditional dating can be a little scary for seniors. Online dating is safe and gives you a chance to get to know someone well before you agree to meet them. Dating sites work hard to make sure their members are getting a safe and enjoyable experience. Traditional dating has no guarantees.



Putting yourself out there is hard, especially when you have to meet someone in person for a first date. Finding the right words to say on the spot is difficult and many seniors just don’t have the patience or tolerance to deal with traditional dating.

Online dating allows you to meet someone based on your own terms. Instead of being put on the spot for conversations, you can take your time to reply to messages and get to know someone at your pace. It’s a much more comfortable type of dating that works well for shy or uncertain seniors.


Is Online Dating Safe for Seniors?

There are many scams that target seniors, which can make it hard to trust certain services. Luckily, online dating is just as safe for seniors as it is people of any other age. Dating websites that are designed for seniors take into consideration the challenges they may face.

They build and monitor sites to protect their users from scams and offer forums and customer support to help users deal with problems or concerns. Seniors who use online dating sites with the same common sense and logic they would use with traditional dating are less likely to be at risk for a scam and more likely to have success on their favorite sites.


Safety Tips for Senior Online Daters

Seniors who are new to online dating may feel a little nervous or apprehensive about it at first. It’s understandable to be a little shy or hesitant, but dating can be stress-free and fun with the right methods and techniques. Here are some tips to help make dating easier for seniors.



Some people pretend to be someone different on online dating sites. While it can be hard to figure out if the person you are conversing with online is real if you have never met them, their style of communication can help.

Users who refuse phone contact or will not send photos or video chat with you may be hiding something. While there’s a chance they may just be shy, if the relationship goes on for a long time and you can’t confirm they are who they say they are, it’s possible their profile may be fake.


Block Features

Block features are available on most dating sites. While most users on these sites have good intentions, even the best seniors dating sites have a few problem profiles. If someone is sending you offensive material, is harassing or threatening you, or if you aren’t interested and they just can’t take the hint, the block feature can prevent them from seeing your profile and contacting you. If things get too serious, remember to report the profile to the dating site as well.


Personal Information

You have control over which information is displayed on your profile or what information you give out to people. Regardless of how much you trust someone, you should be careful of giving out personal information that could put you at risk for identity theft or other serious problems.

Never give out your bank details, credit card numbers, or social security number. Avoid giving out your home address until you have established some trust with the person you are matched with and are ready to meet them.


Stay True to Yourself

Some people prey on seniors and are sneaky about their fraud methods. Even though you may have fallen in love with someone, don’t give in to things that make you uncomfortable. Don’t feel obligated to meet someone if you aren’t ready, pressured to participate in sex acts that make you uncomfortable, or bullied into any actions.

If you wouldn’t say or do something in real life, you probably shouldn’t do it online. This applies to online dating. Not only will this prevent you from a scam or abusive online relationship, but it can also help make you more successful in the online dating world.



Online dating is one of the best ways for seniors to meet new people and find a relationship. There are dating sites for every interest a type of relationship. While seniors are free to use any type of online dating site, you will find more luck and have a better experience if you choose to use sites that are designed specifically for seniors or cater to senior needs. These are some of the best online dating sites for seniors.

While each one of them has something different to offer, eHarmony stands out as one of the best dating sites for seniors looking for something serious. and EliteSingles are also great options for seniors looking for more relationship options. These sites offer precise matching, fun features, and have large member bases that continue to grow each day.

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