27 Dating Profile Examples For Men: Make the Perfect Profile to Attract Women

Dating examples for men

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Dating doesn’t have to be like a scene from Armageddon (the asteroid scenes, not the ones with Bruce Willis or Ben Affleck.) That’s exactly why we’ve compiled a list of dating profile examples for men. Follow these tips in your online dating profile and you’ll be in the group of men getting so many matches and messages you won’t be able to keep up with all the dating; you’ll feel like Fabio or Casanova, and dating or writing your profile won’t be the scariest thing you do anymore.

1. Avoid generalizations


In the pictured dating profile examples for men, it’s easy to see why generalizations are not always the best route for men to take; good examples of dating profiles can be hard to come by.

For the average man, it’s great that you like sports, cooking, and going to funny movies. However, so do 90% of other men who are dating. Putting these in your dating profile looks a bit lazy, and quite frankly, boring. People are incredibly fickle these days, thanks to how quick the internet is, and for the fact that we can get whatever we want, whenever we want delivered to our door at any time. Dating for people these days can be as easy as getting a pizza delivered. In theory.

Women are so quick to swipe left on a Tinder profile without even reading the bio. Hence, the reason dating apps like this had to come up with a way to reverse back on a profile. We have so many choices these days that just walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery store can be a stressful experience, much like dating sites themselves.

You want your dating profile to stick out; be the Reese’s Puffs of the dating world and make people stop and say, “Wow, what a unique and delicious looking cereal! I better buy that before it sells out!”

Generalizations also make it look as if you didn’t care enough to spend more than five minutes writing your profile, looking up tips for dating, or online dating profile examples, and this shows a lack of interest. When someone is going through profile upon profile, they’re looking for someone who sees finding a partner and dating as important. If someone is going to take the time to view your profile, message you and try to get to know you, they’ll want to see that you’re taking dating as seriously as they are. Check out the pictured online dating profile examples for more tips.


2. Be Detailed and Specific


If you like sports, what kinds of sports do you like? Do you like watching them, or playing them? Is it a big part of your life? For men in the dating world, it’s important to know how a woman will add to the life you currently have.

What about cooking? Do you cook everyday? Is it a daily hobby or just something you do once a in a while? Do you cook for other people? Your profile should express this (plus, men who cook are more likely to have an active dating life, women love to eat. A lot.)


For everything you think you want to write in a dating profile, ask yourself questions about it until you’ve got it down to something detailed and specific. A dating profile should tell someone who you really are and what makes you tick.

For example, if you start dating someone, they’re going to want to know how your lives would mesh together. Will your dating life be cooking them delicious tacos while the two of you stay in for the night, wearing onesies and watching Netflix? Or, do you volunteer at a soup kitchen, cooking for the homeless?

One of the best tips is to share specifics and get into the nitty-gritty of who you really are deep down, and what it would be like dating you. You can see this in the pictured dating profile examples for men.



3. But, Don’t Be Too Detailed


While it’s important to write dating profiles that show who you are and what you’re about, there is nothing wrong with a little mystery in your profile either. So, what is oversharing when it comes to dating and write a profile? Talking about how your ex-girlfriend dumped you while you proposed to her on a gondola in Venice, causing you to cry in public? Probably a story you’ll want to save for the fourth date and not share in a dating profile. That’s one of the best tips you’re going to get.

The fact that you failed your driving exam 12 times? Don’t say that to someone you just started dating. Keep that to yourself and leave it out of your profile. Getting thrown in the dumpster by the school bully, leading to 5 years of therapy? Save it for a later. Dating can be harsh, and you don’t want to add so much to your profile that women want to take a step back.

Show the best side of yourself while dating, like the fact that you’re really funny, and save the rest for one of those wine fueled talks that go late into the night, or pillow talk. Pictured are some dating profile examples for men that show the perfect amount of detail.

4. Use Spell Check and Proper Grammar

If you can’t spell the word “beautiful” or “psychology” in your profile without messing it up, potential OkCupid dates really don’t need to know that. Men, run your dating profile through a spell checker and grammar checker; with everything we have on the internet these days, there is just no excuse for looking like you didn’t pass elementary school. If not for your dating life, then at least for writing from your professional email address.

Just like a job application or resume, bad spelling is one of the first things people will use to weed out a good dating profile from a bad one; don’t let your dating profile be passed over for something so tiny and easily fixed, this is one of the most important tips that will help you stand out . For an example of what not to do, check out some of the dating profile examples for men that are pictured.

5.Choose  Photos Carefully


One of the more important tips you need to rememeber: You don’t want to have someone laughing at your profile picture, comparing you to Mike”The Situation” Sorrentino. For gym-going men, they tend to love to show off their fit bodies. If you’ve got abs, great, but you don’t need to take a picture of yourself staring down at them like a woman stares at her baby bump, with love and admiration. Send that photo to your gym buddies. Men, women can be quick to judge when dating, and you don’t want to be the butt of a funny joke while she’s drinking with her friends.

If you do have a fit body, women will be able to tell. It’s easy to make this obvious by talking about your love of working out, sports, and going to the gym (you can even make sure you’ve got a giant can of protein powder in the background of one of your photos if it’s really that important to you.) You can show off your body and personality at the same time; share pictures of yourself playing sports, or hiking with your friends.

Pictures in your dating profile should show your personality, and they should be clear. Some examples: A selfie, a picture of you participating in hobbies, you with a group of friends. If you love to go out dancing and drinking at clubs, show that. If you prefer to stay in reading or watching t.v. at night, you can show that in your photos as well. Pictured are some online dating profile examples to help you out with more tips.


6. Avoid Looking Desperate



In the past, having an online dating profile would sound like bit of a joke in the dating world, or at the very least, for desperate losers who clearly had something wrong with them because they couldn’t get a date. However, these days, everyone is on dating apps and it’s considered one of the most common ways to meet someone. Gone are the days of normal dating, like approaching someone in a natural way. Having a dating profile is now seen as the standard for almost everyone.

Unfortunately, many men who are interested in dating seem to have retained that air of desperation, and they show it in their dating profile. What does this look like? Explaining in every detail how much you’ve been hurt in the past, and claiming that every woman is just a cold, callous heartbreaker. Claiming in your dating profile that you just don’t understand why nobody likes you is a dating faux pas. Even worse in the dating world would be saying your mom is always telling you what a swell guy you are, and you can’t figure out why women don’t see that. Men, this is defined as dating desperation. Follow these tips to avoid that mistake.

Being negative in your dating profile on dating apps only serves to make women avoid you, and swipe left so fast the threat of whiplash is real. Desperation in a dating profile is negative, and so is complaining about your life, hating on your exes, and acting as if girls should still want to date you because you’re a “nice guy.” Nobody wants that kind of drama in their life. Dating profile examples for men are pictured, should you need to see a a profile in action.

7. Show You Are Content Being Single

Jerry Maguire truly ruined the perception of what dating and relationships should be like for people. He was quick to tell the woman he loved, “You complete me.” It was the most insecure thing anyone could ever say, and is not a healthy way to go about dating. When two people come together, you should each be whole people who compliment one another, not two halves that would fall apart if you stopped dating.

One of the best tips for your dating profile: Show that you have your own life going, complete with hobbies, friends, a career, and passions. You’ll want to show women in your dating profile that you won’t be clinging on to them after the first date, expecting a text back within 30 seconds, or claiming you’re in love with them and want to get married after a week. Those are not the kind of men that find dating to be easy.

Write about yourself in a way that shows you bring something to a relationship or first date. Your dating profile should prove to the woman viewing it that you’ll have something to talk about over dinner and that you won’t sit there in silence expecting her to carry the entire conversation.

Check out some of the dating profile examples for men that are pictured if you’re looking for more tips.

8. Don’t Put Your Profile On Too Many Dating Sites

There are so many dating apps and websites these days, that it makes the whole dating game feel a bit like The Hunger Games, and having too many will bring quick destruction to your psyche.

While it’s tempting to try to make the odds work in your favor and make a profile on every single one, things can get complicated when you’re trying to maintain twelve different dating profiles.

Let’s say you’re in the popular pool of men, those who get 2 matches on Tinder, a match on OkCupid, and 3 messages on Bumble in a day. How can you establish a connection or plan a date with any of these women? Your little black book of dates will suddenly become a full-time job (and you’ll end up spending a whole lot of money rather than earning it.)

Not only that, but if women see your dating profile pop up on so many different dating apps, it may come off as looking a little too eager.

Check out the pictured dating profile examples for tips and tricks to get a quick response from the women you like.

9. Use Some Humor (But Don’t Copy and Paste) To Show How Funny You Are

Especially on dating apps like Tinder, when your dating profile needs to be shorter and grab the attention of potential dates very quickly, being funny goes a long way. Putting a joke on your dating profile, even something a little self-deprecating, can bring out a laugh from women looking at it. Funny is something that will always make us swipe right. Women love a funny guy (it really explains how Chandler ended up dating Monica.)

Showing that you’re funny or can laugh at yourself is one of the most desired traits in a partner, however, be authentic. Don’t go on Pinterest or Google funny jokes to put on your dating profile, and just copy and paste them, it will be completely obvious. Not only that, but on dating apps like Bumble or Tinder, where women can scroll through a hundred profiles a minute, it’s highly likely that a copy and pasted joke will show up multiple times, eliciting an eye-roll , and not a funny one.

For dating profile examples and tips, check out the pictured bios.

10. Have a Call To Action

Despite you following all these tips, a lot of the time, women are still afraid to make the first move, even dating online. We may find a guy super attractive and love his dating profile, but hesitate to contact him. Sending a message in a dating app is the equivalent of walking up to a cute stranger in a bar, praying they’ll be open to dating you rather than look you up and down, and point at you while they laugh with their huge group of friends. Making the first move leaves one vulnerable to rejection, and those wounds can run deep.

In your online dating profile, make a call to action, letting women know you’re open to receiving messages. Write at the bottom that you are open to being contacted, or going out for a drink. Check out the pictured online dating profile examples for men to get an idea of what you can put on dating sites like OkCupid.

11. Extra Tip: If All Else Fails, Put a Picture Of Your Dog In Your Profile Picture

While this is somewhat overused, it would be lying to say a dog in your dating profile doesn’t work. There is nothing better than cute puppies and will absolutely make a woman stop in her swiping tracks, and clicking on your dating profile immediately. Though you should be warned, she might just be messaging you in order to meet your dog, so talk to your potential date a bit and make sure she’s not a gold-dogger (hah!)

Follow these dating profile tips, check out the dating profile examples for men and you’ll be the Brad Pitt of every dating app, attracting women and “matches” every single day; you’re phone will be getting new message notifications every hour on the hour.

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