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eHarmony Review: Is eHarmony Any Good?

If you’re one of the millions of singles considering online dating sites, you’ve heard of eHarmony. A pioneer of the algorithm-based matching process, the eHarmony desktop version has been around for years. The founder, Neil Clark Warren, was a clinical psychology who created an extensive, “all rights reserved” quiz in 2000. It connects singles on dimensions of compatibility. Instead of swiping and browsing, their compatibility matching system does the work.

It offers you the profile of a few compatible partners each day. A few years later, it launched a dating app for an on-the-go experience.

You’ll find that one eHarmony review may be filled with success, while another review is filled with disappointment. eHarmony is one of the most expensive dating sites to join, so many singles will wonder, “Is eHarmony worth the money?”

Here are the quick pros and cons of eHarmony site:


  • Compatibility matching is more precise and data-driven than any other site.
  • 66 million members in more than 200 countries, with more than 10 million matches daily
  • Simple design that’s easy to navigate
  • It’s free to view full profiles and download the app through Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Trusted site offers unique guided communication features, making it easy to flirt


  • No browsing: The only profiles you can see are your compatibility matches.
  • No options for lesbian, gay, trans, or bisexual singles.
  • The signup process is extensive and time-consuming.
  • The price of eHarmony is expensive, with required, lengthy membership commitment.
  • The search tools are limited, limiting eHarmony experiences.

Consider This: How Well Does eHarmony Work?

If your question is, “Should I try eHarmony?” then here are some eHarmony features to consider.


It’s possible to view profiles for free. But, you’ll need to purchase one of the eHarmony subscription plans to send messages and enjoy the dating site fully. Is eHarmony free? Technically yes, but the majority of users sign up for the lengthy eHarmony price plans. The eHarmony basic plan, called standard lite, lasts 6 months and costs $34.97 a month. For more, sign up for the premium plus, lasting 12 months and costs $22.97 a month. The premium extra plan is 24 months long and costs $17.97 a month. No eHarmony plan lasts just 3 months or less, but the answer to “How much is eHarmony?” depends on what features you want. The eHarmony costs per month is the perhaps the most discussed criticism in eHarmony customer reviews.


How good is eHarmony, and how many people are on eHarmony? If you want to find someone, eHarmony is only as good as the membership. There are 29 million members of the dating site in the United States alone, with 53% male. Most members are between 25 and 44 years old. When it comes to eHarmony for seniors, reviews are less positive with a smaller percentage of eHarmony profiles of singles over 55. You can only match with the opposite sex, so all members are heterosexual.


A major plus to the eHarmony desktop site and eHarmony apps is the easy-to-navigate design. The eHarmony dashboard is simple. Your compatible partners and matches listed in place of an eHarmony “search users” option. You can view the profiles of your matches, which every review of eHarmony reports as one of the best features. You’ll learn the basics, answers to various questions, and the results of the compatibility quiz. This matching system can save a lot of time, perhaps making the eHarmony cost worth it.

Registration process

Without a doubt, the first eHarmony sign in is more extensive than any other dating site. You’ll have to fill out the 80-question compatibility quiz. That’s what they use to find profile matches based on the patented 32 dimension of compatibility. It will take about 20 minutes to fill out for your first eHarmony login. There is no eHarmony dating review that doesn’t discuss this test.


Is eHarmony safe? Like all online dating experiences, it is important to follow safety tips. For example, meet in a public place for the first time and let a friend know of your plans. Still, the eHarmony feedback reports a focus on long-term, meaningful relationships. That makes it a safer than some other dating apps.

Customer satisfaction

Do you balk at the long terms of plans when asking, “How much is eHarmony membership?” You’re not alone. The reviews of eHarmony often vary with expectations regarding how long it will take to find a good match. Some singles who offer reviews aren’t satisfied with their matches. More than one eHarmony app review doesn’t like that you must pay higher eHarmony prices to see photos. Still, other e Harmony reviews credit the dating site for for their ability to find someone to love for the rest of their life.

eHarmony Dating Site Review: Features & Benefits

Here’s a closer look about e Harmony and its best features:

Safety tips

To keep eHarmony online dating safe, they offer important dating tips for you and your matches. For example, they offer a secure messaging feature. They encourage users to communicate directly through the messaging section. Do not go to another platform. This helps maintain privacy and also makes sure that the other person is operating with the best intentions.

Just because you are very compatible with someone doesn’t mean you should give them your credit card information. They recommend that you listen to your instincts, even when the person seems “perfect” for you. You may think that the relatively expensive cost and up-front investment in time would keep scammers away, but that’s not always the truth.

If eHarmony finds a fraudulent profile, they will close the account. If you have been matched with that person, you may also receive an email discouraging you from communicating further with the person. They suggest you use your instincts and look for red flags. Some things to be aware of include a recent widowing or asking inappropriate questions. If they have a sudden emergency, be aware if they ask your help.

Sign Up Process

The eHarmony log in process can be done either with your email address or through Facebook. Since the entire process is based on the eHarmony compatibility quiz, you’ll have to fill that out first. When the site was first created, that test was 200 questions long! It’s since been tightened significantly, but it can take some time. They recommend that you be honest and mindful when filling it out. It’s what the entire algorithm is based on, so it’s the most important part of the process.

If you’re just getting back into the dating world, you may be wanting some advice before signing up. eHarmony has an extensive blog and advice section, which is free for everyone. There are tips for having a great first date, what to look for in a partner, and ways to enjoy life more fully while you are single.


Is eHarmony a good dating site? If you’re looking for a serious, long-term relationship, then you’ll find plenty of likeminded singles. The membership is throughout the world, mostly professionals ages 25 to 35 years old, with stable lives. There are slightly more men than women. Many singles believe it’s good for single parents, too.


Your profile and those of your matches are quite detailed, especially compared to other dating sites. You’ll only be able to see photos with a premium plan, but the personal information can be updated at any time. You’ll also see the compatibility tab. What are the eHarmony questions? Without spoiling it, they focus on:

  • Emotional Intimacy
  • Conscientiousness
  • Physical Intimacy
  • Relationship Values
  • Religious Values
  • Social Values
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Altruism
  • Intellect
  • Affection
  • Accommodation
  • Athleticism
  • Exclusivity
  • Romance

If you do not find yourself attracted to the profiles given to you each day, the eHarmony team encourages patience. They say that the answers to the quiz usually don’t change much over time, so don’t try to manipulate the results. Instead, try to view other profiles with an open mind and an open heart.


Do you have to pay for eHarmony apps? No! They are free for both Android and iOS, with all the same options available as the computer harmony dating site. There are minimal ads. It’s easy to use with your same profile and account.

Of course, the apps have the same limitations as the desktop sites for those who do not have a paid membership. A lot of the feedback offered through the Apple Store and Google Play are critical of this. It can be frustrating to receive a potential love interest, only to not be able to see a photo.

Reaching Out

There are a few ways to connect with matches and vice versa. Sending a wink is free, but most of the eHarmony results come through messaging. Not sure what to say? There is a special guided communication feature to help members figure out what to say. Add your matches to your favorites list to find them easily.

But how compatible are you two, really? This site helps by providing a handful of multiple choice questions you can send another single once you are connected. You can ask them if they consider themselves passionate, or if they think it’s important to be accepted by the other person’s family. This is a fast way to get to know someone else better, without the pressure of it somehow feeling like an interview.

Did you like their replies? Another special feature is the ability to send a smile just to let someone know you’re thinking of them.


You can create a profile for free, but you’ll need to pay if you want to get the full online dating experience.

Standard lite gives you the ability to see who viewed you, unlimited messaging, see photos, and access more matches than free users.

Premium plus offers all of that, plus more. You’ll get the ability to browse anonymously, get more matches, and receive receipts showing when your message has been read. Premium extra has the same features as the plus plan, but it’s the cheapest monthly cost. With premium plans, you can also enjoy the “What If?” feature. That gives you extra matches of those who otherwise wouldn’t be considered compatible enough.

Real-Life eHarmony Information

Any eHarmony review, UK based or from other countries, varies dramatically. For reviews, eHarmony is either wonderful, having helped the person find a spouse, or a disappointment like so many other dating sites. After the basic question, “How does eHarmony match you?” the second question is whether it works. There’s an entire Reddit feed on it!

The reality is, the eHarmony compatibility test questions help you in other ways. You don’t just see if you’ll enjoy the company on a long-term basis. Spending time on this quiz also helps you understand yourself. That always helps when it comes to finding love with online dating, whether or not the reviews on eHarmony reflect that.

Alternatives to eHarmony: Dating Sites

Check out other options before signing up. Alternatives include: is perhaps the strongest competitor, as it is also a site that targets singles ready for long-term romance. The process is very different. Instead of receiving a limited number of matches each day like dating eHarmony style, users of can browse through as many profiles as they want. It’s also less expensive, costing $35.99 for a month, $19.99 a month for three months, and $17.99 a month for six months. In comparison, is:

  • Less expensive for possibly more matches
  • More labor-intensive, with users browsing the site instead of receiving potential compatible connections
  • Offering a smaller but substantial dating pool of 9.6 million members.


Those looking at eHarmony reviews could also consider EliteSingles. The site is geared toward busy, educated professionals. This weeds out a lot of immature singles you may find on Tinder or another free site. The EliteSingles site connects you with potential matches based on questions about yourself. Most reviews for eHarmony suggest that the EliteSingles questions aren’t as useful.

The cost is $31.95 a month for a year, $44.95 a month for six months, or $59.95 a month for three months. Compared to an eHarmony rating, EliteSingles:

  • Has a less robust and slightly less focused questionnaire process
  • Sends matches instead of you endlessly searching
  • Has an educated, serious relationship-minded membership.


For a much less expensive option, Zoosk is another alternative. Information on Zoosk is a lot like a traditional site. It’s free to create a profile and search. If you have a membership, the Zoosk site will also send you a potential profile match through the “Smart Pick” introduction system. Membership costs $12.49 a month for six months, $19.98 a month for three months, and $29.95 for one month. Compared to eHarmony, Zoosk:

  • Offers a budget-friendly alternative
  • Has a “behavior matching system” for introductions, although the eHarmony UK reviews suggest this site is not as effective
  • Has a large user base, with 26 million members worldwide.

The Bottom Line on eHarmony

If you’re ready to find a long-term, serious relationship, the eHarmony site is an excellent site with years of success. Members invest time and money into their search, and this creates an important distinction from any other site. Singles place a lot of hope in the patented “Compatibility Test” as they search for a profile of another single that is attractive to them. It can work, but it can also take time.

Not heterosexual? Not sure if you want a relationship? Or would you rather put the power of picking an attractive profile into your own hands? Then you may want to try another site.

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