eHarmony vs. Match Comparison Review: Which Dating Site is Best?

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The battle of eHarmony vs. Match dates back to the beginning of modern dating times. Both arrived on the scene before hundreds of free apps clogged the online dating world. The results were fake profiles, low expectations and endless disappointment.

Over the years, both sites have had a lot of success, making each an excellent option. Which should you choose to find love? In short, singles who trust their own instincts may enjoy But if you’re willing to relinquish control, you might choose eHarmony. But let’s dive deeper:

Overview: Match vs. eHarmony

Dating back to 1995, is one of the originals. It was one of the first to translate the personal ads from the backs of newspapers into the modern, online era. It offers many ways of searching and connecting for fellow singles. Today, it has members speaking eight languages throughout 25 different countries.

Five years later, in 2000, Dr. Neil Clark Warren launched eHarmony. It is famous for its 150-question survey. The system uses an algorithm to connect people. They really look at everything, including your sense of humor, intellect and social skills. It’s all part of their “29 dimensions of compatibility.”

In the Match versus eHarmony feud, stands out as a platform that allows singles to search for themselves. It leaves the decisions in the hands (and hearts) of its 9.6 million members, according to

Meanwhile, eHarmony acts more like a professional matchmaker. That’s why the pricing is a little higher. It does the connecting for its 10 million active users, who are all interested in long-term, serious relationships, according to Business Insider. If your “type” hasn’t been working for you, this web site and app may be for you. Pros:

  • Ability to search through singles that match your preferences
  • Daily hand-picked matches for your consideration
  • Easy-to-use app with familiar “swipe-left, swipe-right” decision-making
  • App is compatible with Apple Watch for easy messaging of matches
  • Less expensive membership costs Cons:

  • The site reviews all profiles and photos, so it can take up to 24 hoursfor your information to be public.
  • The process is a lot like a vast number of free sites, like PlentyOfFish or Tinder.

eHarmony Pros:

  • In-depth questionnaire targets people who are really compatible with you.
  • Well-designed user platform that’s creative and unique
  • Delivers compatible matches immediately upon completion of sign-up
  • Process avoids the dreaded “swipe fatigue”

eHarmony Cons:

  • Offers limited number of matches without ability to search yourself
  • Subscriptions are significantly more expensive

Face-to-Face Analysis:’s Features vs Eharmony’s Features

Before deciding which is better Match or eHarmony, look at the features and the differences. One thing that they have in common, though, is that members must pay in order to enjoy the full benefits of the site.

The price sets both apart from the hundreds of free online dating sites that pop up daily–and that’s a good thing. By committing to pay, members of these sites show they are serious. They’re ready for long-term, meaningful relationships. That means fewer, uncomfortable “hook up” requests for pretty women, for example. But which one, eHarmony vs Match com is better for you?

Sign-Up Process:

One of the biggest differences between Match vs eHarmony is the sign-up process. This dictates the rest of your experience with the site (and, maybe, your chance at love). is a more familiar process. You can begin by signing up for free. Even when you don’t pay, you can create a profile, post photos, look for matches and even let others know you like them. However, without a subscription, you aren’t able to receive and reply to messages. That makes the whole “getting to know you” process a little tricky.

To sign up for Match, you can just download the app or go to Click “Get Started” or “View Singles.” The site will guide you through the steps of setting up a profile and uploading photos. To subscribe, just click the Upgrade or Subscribe button (depending on if you’re in the app or on a desktop).

A smart move is to first set up a free account and wait for Match to inbox you an email for a free trial offer. It’s also possible to contact their customer support team to get the discount faster.

The sign-up process for the eHarmony log in is entirely different. First, you must spend some serious time answering 149 compatibility questions. You’ll get to choose among choices that show how much a statement reflects you individually. Are you religious? Emotionally stable? It’s important to be honest.

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you can head straight to your eHarmony login main page. But you’re not done yet! There’s another section of questions the site poses as ice breakers. Don’t worry–these are more relaxed, fun questions. Do you prefer dogs or cats? It’s a simple way to start a conversation.

At that point, you’re ready to check out who may be a good match for you, according to the site’s algorithm. Yes, like Match, there is a free option–but you can only respond to your first message. After that, you must pay for the subscription and cross your fingers to be connected with the love of your life.

You just don’t have the freedom to search someone out by yourself. Instead, you must rely on the criteria from your questionnaire answers.

Winner: eHarmony. There’s something special about taking the time to help your future love understand you deeply


Again, in the head-to-head between eHarmony and Match, design platforms are worth considering. There’s nothing worse than signing up, then being happy with the overall process. Again, eHarmony and Match are very different when it comes to design, matchmaking and use. lets you browse through the photo and profiles of thousands of potential matches. Each profile is filled with information about personality, hobbies, lifestyle and faith. You’ll also see a rundown on what they’re looking for in a date. The more you interact with the site, the more it understands what kind of person you’re interested in.

If you’ve found someone you’re interested in, you can send them message–and see if they’ve read them. You can even shoot off one VIP email each week.

You’ll want to check out the advanced search options, which let you refine your interests. You can try to match with keywords, like “yoga” or “wine.”  You can see who is looking for you, even if they don’t fit your description. You can also use the app to search for potential matches near you when you’re on-the-go.

Beyond the search features, the site can be fairly engaging, too. You can suggest a casual date activity and wait for members to express interest. You can filter emails to rank by things like height or smoking preferences, too. You’ll see who’s online now and who’s a new member. It even lets you pick up to 100 favorites, keeping in mind that person will see their new title. has one of the largest databases of the online dating world, according to Best Company. This means you may have to weed through a lot of daters to find someone impressive enough for a relationship. But then, matching can be a lot of fun.

eHarmony, meanwhile, prides itself on a minimalist design that’s clear and straightforward. On the main page, you’ll have a list of matches and their most recent activity with you. For example, one might send you a question, while another might “smile” at you or just looked at your profile. You’ll see the number of visitors to your profile, too.

However, those users are matches who the eHarmony algorithm has chosen for you. There is no way to search the database of members. Each day, eHarmony gives you a new batch of potential love interests. But if you don’t want to talk or meet any, you’re out of luck for the day.

The good news, though, is that everyone who matches with you will likely have a lot in common. It may take extra time, but it could be worth it.

Winner: For better or for worse, searching and swiping is now the modern way of finding a partner.


For both sites, the basic membership plan is free but extremely limited. It’s a given that paying for a membership means the user base takes the process more seriously. This means fewer annoying messages like you’d find on Tinder or other free sites. But what prices are we talking per month or per 12 months? Here’s the cost of eHarmony vs Match, according to and


1 month: $35.99

3 month: $19.99/month

6 month: $17.99/month


1 month: $59.95

3 month: $29.95/month

6 month: $29.90/month

Winner: Whether it’s one month or 12 months, it costs less for possibly more connections

Success Rates:

Of course, love is invaluable. Money would be a lot less of an issue if you knew your experience Match and eHarmony could end in success. It makes sense to compare eHarmony vs. Match reviews and hear the reports from users.

According to an article in Fast Company, more than 10 million couples (and 1 million new babies) can thank Match. Back in 2010, CBS News reported that claimed 994 people got married every day after meeting on the site.

eHarmony, meanwhile, claimed 236 marriages a day in the same report. But what is the likelihood that the next wedding could be yours? While eHarmony has 10 million active users, it only has about 750,000 paid subscribers in the real dating pool, according to Business Insider. Plus, 4% of the singles who fill out their questionnaire actually have no matches. They can’t communicate or have dates with anyone on eHarmony, which must be frustrating.

You know the stats about marriage–will these relationships last? It’s an important question when deciding which is better, eHarmony vs Match. A research think-tank called PNAS looked at online dating and marriage a few years ago. Their survey showed that one in three marriages start online.

Interestingly, these marriages were reportedly more satisfying than those that started offline. Of the respondents to the survey, 25.04% met on eHarmony, while 24.34% met on Match.

So, is Match or eHarmony better when it comes to connecting for long-lasting love? The reviews vary. Dating experts with “Know It All Nancy” tip their hat toward for its ability to search. The experts with Marie Claire UK magazine, however, ranks eHarmony the best site for dating over 40s. (, meanwhile, gets a good review for those dating over 50.)

Mashable gives Match the nod as the “best for long-term relationships,” but eHarmony is the “best for serious commitment.” New York magazine featured as one of the best 10 dating sites in 2019. eHarmony didn’t even make the cut.

Winner: Success in love doesn’t just mean a signed marriage certificate.

Stand-Out Features

Of course, the difference between Match and eHarmony are also found in their special features. There are blogs for eHarmony and another for Match, but the latter is much more robust. Other special features include:

Live Events: A big stand-out feature for is known as “Match Events.” These are activities held in cities where you’re able to mingle with fellow members of the user base in real life. Users who are invited to attend an event will get a notification via email or through the site or app. You must RSVP, and some events have an entry cost.

Saw some cute guys at the event but didn’t muster up the courage to say hello? Match has your back. After the event, you’re able to see a list of members who attended to communicate later. It’s also possible for users to host their own events, called MatchUps.

Guided Communication: This is a patented process by eHarmony. It’s kind of like in-depth, serious ice-breaker questions. You choose a set of five multiple-choice questions to ask a potential eHarmony match. It’s a low-pressure way to know about jealousy, politics and other issues that may be a make-or-break. It’s a nice way to check in about important things before any dates.

Dating Coaches: recently introduced “AskMatch.” This is free dating coaches offering one-on-one assistance to users. It’s only available in New York City and Chicago currently, with plans for expansion. Still, if you’re in one of those cities, this is a free service definitely worth investigating.

Match vs eHarmony, Final Verdict

Sign up with Match if:

  • You want to search the site on your own.
  • You’re interested in live events as well.
  • You want a paid dating site that’s more affordable.
  • You have a little extra time to devote to determining your own compatibility.
  • You want more features, like checking messages on your Apple Watch.

Sign up with eHarmony if:

  • You’re looking for a guided experience.
  • You care more about quality versus quantity.
  • You want to increase the likelihood of connecting with someone financially stable.
  • You’re willing to wait for the algorithm to match you with the right person.
  • You’ve got swipe fatigue.
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