Elite Singles Review: How to Date Rare “Elite” Singles?


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The word “elite” brings to mind successful, educated, and beautiful people…and that’s what most of us are looking for when it’s time to get serious about a relationship. Elite Singles offers that opportunity. If you rarely use dating apps, it might help to read an Elite Singles review before signing up.


About Elite Singles

Founded in 2008 in Berlin, Elite Singles is owned by Spark Networks Services GmbH. As one of the continent’s leading dating companies, it now counts 13 million singles across 20 different countries around the world.

On average, the company matches 2,000 couples every month. Today, it has earned the trust of more than 13 million singles, creating on average 2000 couples every month.


“What is Elite Singles?”


  • Elite Singles specializes in matching up professionals, seniors, and college-educated users
  • Elite Singles keeps things “real” by manually verifying all new profiles
  • With a premium Light, Classic or Comfort account, customers get access to its pool of singles and a host of features


  • Markets towards successful and career-oriented singles, which is not ideal for all users
  • No photos until you pay for a membership
  • No polyamorous relationships or friends-with-benefits


Elite Singles Review


Things to consider before buying a membership

Before signing up as an Elite Singles member, note the demographic. You’re not only dealing with 9-5 (or longer) working professionals, but also marriage-minded singles.

If you’ve tried other dating services before but thought the users were too sex-mad, Elite Singles is something wonderfully different. The service goes well beyond appearances and focuses on personality matching.

Be ready to take a lengthy personality test to begin the matching process. A person who is mainly looking to swipe and send messages to attractive singles would get frustrated with the site’s navigation.


Before registration make sure you:

  • Have the time and patience to fill out a multiple-choice questionnaire
  • Have high-quality photos to publish
  • Have written a profile with specific examples about who you are
  • Make sure you consider how much does it cost to join Elite Singles


Features & benefits

Features and benefits - Elite Singles


The 5 Factor Questionnaire

After basic registration, you fill out a “5 Factory” profile questionnaire, which is the company’s answer to the Big Five Model of Personality. This personality test determines “super traits” that motivate a person’s behavior. Filling this test out is part of Elite Singles’ requirements so don’t try to skip it.

Elite Single’s test helps you determine if you fall closer to introversion or extroversion, as well as what other social traits you have and how important they are for you and your match. Based on your answers, you might get matched with very different partners.

I found a few of the questions strange, given that very few people would answer they are “selfish” or “industrious”. Parts of the test feel like a job interview, where you’re expected to provide “correct answers”, more so than complete a personality test.

But the questionnaire does help you to reflect on your good qualities and puts you in a proper frame of mind to search for someone compatible. I found the personality test to be a fun introduction to the site since and got to browse freely before the company even discussed payment.


The 5 Factor Questionnaire- Elite Singles


Daily new matches

After filling out your questionnaire and profile, you can click on your latest matches and get blurred pictures of new singles. Data is also included for age, location, career, religion, family preferences, and ethnicity.

Once you click on a new match, you can read the extended profile, including preferences, likes and dislikes, and even some fun dating questions like “What makes you laugh”?

Elite Singles lets you preview full user profiles, though it will obscure the photos until you sign up for membership. I found the lack of photos a major drawback, especially considering free apps like Plenty of Fish and Tinder allow you to see multiple photos before contacting a match.

But Elite Singles’ strategy does effectively push the user to sign up for membership.


Wildcard “Have You Met?” matches


Wildcard “Have You Met?” matches


Premium members get 20 extra matches a day. This “Have You Met?” feature is similar to the “Swipe” feature of other dating apps, just in case you miss the random match experience. While I didn’t find it to be as fun as the fast-paced “swipe” option, it still accomplishes its purpose – broader matches.

According to some reviews for Elite Singles, users can search directly for members based on categories and preferences. My trial run, however, did not include a custom search option, at least one that was clearly visible.

Instead, users could get a greater number of matches by altering their preferences, such as a wider location area or entering less specific data in the “interests” tab.


What is Elite Singles all about?

The site has limited free access and so encourages you to sign up for a premium Elite Singles membership.

Premium Light Membership: The basic upgrade allows you unlimited communication, as well as more “intelligent matching”, meaning the free Elite Singles membership is not as effective in matching. This option costs $32.95 per month for three months.

Premium Comfort Membership: This intermediate upgrade allows you unlimited photo viewing, the ability to view profile visitors, as well as the “receipts” for messages, so you can determine if the other person received the message but chose not to respond. This option costs $15.95 for 12 months.

Premium Classic: This member favorite option offers all the same benefits as Comfort, except that it’s less expensive at a rate for six months. There are no extra features for the deluxe plan. This costs $17.95.

How is Elite Singles when it comes to price? Compared to other companies, it’s quite affordable.


Elite Singles - Membership


Limited but some free features

If you’re not willing to pay the price of Elite Singles cost (USA), then you do still have some limited options for communication under the free plan. Other features are only available with  a premium plan.

  • Visitors – After membership, you can see which users clicked your profile but took no action, a feature most social networks and other dating apps don’t allow
  • Conversation Starters – You can send an ice breaker message or a smile to start a conversation (For the free membership, you can send smiles to matches but cannot send a message until you pay for a higher membership)
  • Bookmarks – You can bookmark profiles for later just in case you want to wait for a more opportune time to chat


Anti-Fraud measures


Anti-Fraud measures - Elite Singles

  • ID Verification – Elite Singles makes users verify their identity for better security and protection against spam accounts
  • Manual profile verification – this means verified by a human
  • SSL encryption – standard security
  • Only Quality Profiles Elite Singles deletes Inactive users, as well as those looking for short-term hookups
  • A unique Fraud Detection System

It’s clear that the company is responding to user concerns about fake profiles and is taking steps to address low quality or inactive accounts.

In an industry where spam and fraud accounts are high, this is a competitive feature that no serious dating service should neglect. I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable using a dating app that had no protection or verification features. In that sense, Elite Singles is one of the safest dating services compared to other free apps that have no filtering.


Full personality profiles


Full personality profiles - Elite Singles


While browsing, you can read specific questions and answers that seem appropriate for a first date. You can immediately reply to your date’s answer or like their answer just as with social media. This would be a less direct way to introduce yourself.

On the profile page, you can get a full overview of how your match fared in areas of Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. This is a particularly interesting feature as it quickly dissects your partner’s good traits and their flaws, which is probably not what most people want to discuss on a first date!

I found the Q & A to be the most interesting feature since it resembled making small talk and showed you a human side to each person that came up in matches. Some of my matches talked about their pets, others explained their hobbies, and some described their job or their favorite movie.

In addition to sending you matches, the service also provides you with a Matching Score that announces your predicted compatibility (such as 90 percent compatible) with the other person, based on questionnaire answers.

On user profiles, after the questions and answer portion, you can see what qualities or interests you both share, which might create a good match. Then again, I also felt that broad matches (like “you both share intelligence”) wouldn’t contribute much to the conversation.

You can find detailed answers for your possible match on the “Interest” page, which lists all hobbies and activities indicated in the Questionnaire or personal comments section. This is nice for planning an activity beyond just dinner and a movie.


Extra help


Extra help - Elite Singles


Elite Singles also sells books, publishes dating articles, and has a coaching option. If you’re out of ideas, you can always set up an appointment by phone and work with a coach to improve your profile. There is also an active blog written by well-known psychologists that provide helpful tips for modern dating. The quality of writing was good and for general interest.


Speed dating option

Periodically, Elite Singles also hosts a speed dating event where you can meet your fellow “elites” in a less formal setting around a major city. City Swoon and Elite Singles partner up to organize these meet and greet events. This seems like a great idea and a chance to get to know a lot of people without the high pressure of a date.

Speed dating option - Elite Singles

Social proof

We searched all the caves and valleys of the Internet and found some good reviews for Elite Singles that were mostly sponsored by other dating sites. Some of the most negative reviews of actual users who described their experience with Elite Singles focused on the lack of quality singles, the inability to edit certain lifestyle options, and incompatible partners.

How do you rate Elite Singles?


EliteSingles reviews


EliteSingles reviews

EliteSingles reviews

EliteSingles reviews



If you are looking for a different dating experience, then check out these competing sites/apps.

Match.com: Match.com offers more flexibility and open selection when it comes to partners, as this site does not specifically cater to working or educated singles – just singles.


Like Elite Singles, Match.com offers a free search option as well as a subscription plan for $23.99 a month for 12 months, $26.65 for six months, or $31.99 for three months. Match.com is frequently mentioned as the top dating site for long-term relationships and has its own couple’s compatibility test. The company started in 1995.

eHarmony: eHarmony is a similar dating experience, given its personality test, though its test is 150 questions compared to Elite Singles’ 200. The eHarmony site also stresses long-term relationships and has its own ID verification process. Elite Singles caters to a working and educated community, whereas there is more openness for eHarmony.

The cost is $29.90 a month for six months, $29.95 a month for three months, or $59.95 month-to-month. On the other hand, whereas Elite Singles is both liberal and conservative, eHarmony leans more towards a Christian lifestyle and has been marriage matchmaking since 2000. However, they recently changed their policies to allow same-sex marriage matchmaking.

Zoosk: Zoosk, founded in 2007, is brainier than a free dating app and one that still offers more options than the marriage-minded Elite Singles. Zoosk also has a carousel matchmaking feature that operates as a “roulette”, a behavior-learning system called SmartPick Introductions for more accurate matches, and Boost and Super Send options which work like Tinder.

Zoosk charges $12.49 a month for six months, $19.98 a month for three months, or $29.95 for month-to-month.

  • com has less stringent standards than Elite Singles requirements – anyone can find a match
  • eHarmony receives better reviews, probably because it has a larger user base – 10 million compared to Elite Singles’ 2 mil
  • Zoosk has more freedom for casual sex and or long-term relationships

Why not check out these competing sites to see if they offer a more comfortable experience than Elite Singles?



Is Elite Singles a good site? Some of its users do have high standards because of their careers, though the site wisely avoids any “millionaire” or “perfect beauty” terminology.

Elite Singles is one of the best options for users that want to get married but don’t have an active social life because of their job.

The best reviews about Elite Singles say users like:

  1. The “free preview” and the ability to browse
  2. The compatibility-based matching and personality test
  3. The specific demographic of 30+ career professionals interested in marriage

Check out EliteSingles.com and sign up for a free preview to test your chemistry with other like-minded singles.

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