Frequently Asked Questions

Is Loveflutter completely free?

Is Loveflutter completely free?

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Yes. It’s FREE to sign up, send messages and suggest dates. Flutter on!

Can I sign-up manually & with Facebook?

Yes. Signing-up with Facebook is the simplest and fastest way to join Loveflutter and also lets you see friends in common. We realise some of you prefer good old-fashioned email sign-up though, simply visit Loveflutter on the web where you can do both.

Can I use Loveflutter on my mobile and desktop?

Yes. There’s both a web and mobile version of Loveflutter (iOS), both of which are completely free to use. Loveflutter on Android is coming very soon!

What makes Suggest-a-Date™ so great?

Loveflutter takes the pressure off finding a place for a date with a cool piece of technology powered by Foursquare. Simply hit 'Date Ideas' to find great places nearby perfect for a first or second date. And once you’ve started to chat, simply tap Suggest-a-Date in your message thread and we’ll do the hard work and find a selection of cool venues close to both of you, simple eh?

What are similar interests?

Loveflutter’s clever interest-matching technology goes one step further than any other dating app and shows not just people with exact matching interests but similar interests across music, movies, books, TV and more, so you can start a conversation around something you both love.

Why do I need to add a #140Fact?

We believe in putting your personality first and looks second, so we ask you to add a 140-character interesting fact about yourself. It’s a more meaningful, less shallow way to like or pass on potential dates. Everyone has a fun story, what’s your #140Fact?

Can I upload photos that aren’t on Facebook?

For sure, simply use Loveflutter on the web to upload pictures that show off your quirky-interesting side, #QuirkySelfies positively encouraged!

What’s a Verified Profile?

This shows Loveflutter members who’ve either signed up or verified their account through Facebook, helping you know they’re real people. Verify a manual account through your settings page.

Is my activity and location private on Loveflutter?

Yes. Your activity on Loveflutter is completely anonymous and your location is never shared. We let you ‘secretly like’ so when you like someone they’ll never know until they’ve liked you back.

How can I edit my interests and add/remove my favorite music, movies, books etc

Simply visit Loveflutter on web to add or remove interests from your profile.

What are my mutual likes?

These are the lucky people who you’ve liked and happen to like you back! On mobile, these are all the people in your Messages and on the web you can see all these people in the ‘Likes’ section.

Why can’t I see any similar or exact interest matches when looking at another profile?

Either that person’s the complete opposite of you (do opposites attract?) or you haven’t added enough interests to your profile. Go on, tell the story of who you are through all the things you love.

Can I message someone who isn’t a mutual like?

Nope, we’ve created Loveflutter to allow only users who’ve liked each other to chat.

Loveflutter on mobile is stuck on ‘Finding people nearby’

Please make sure the location services (GPS) on your device are enabled.

Loveflutter say’s ‘there’s no-one in my area’

Try increasing the distance and age range in Settings, failing that invite your friends to join.

Suggest-a-date isn’t returning any venues?

Nothing’s wrong, it doesn’t happen too often, it just means we didn’t find any suitable venues near to both of you.

I don't have any mutual likes

Don’t worry, the more you use the app the more you’ll appear in other people’s search results. Remember, you need to give people a little time to like you back. Keep Fluttering!

I received a new mutual like notification but can’t see them

Oh no it happens, it could be because that person either blocked you or deleted their account.

My pictures aren’t showing up on Loveflutter

Make sure your pictures are in a public album or at least visible to your friends (not you only) on Facebook.

How do I delete my profile?

We're sorry to hear you want to leave, please email with your username and we'll delete your profile for you.

One last question, what is a 'loveflutter'?

A look from a smiling stranger on the way home from work; a cheeky smile from a girl at a bar. It's that butterflies, fluttering heart feeling. You'll know when you've experienced a 'loveflutter'.

If you couldn't find the answer to your question here, please send an email to, Happy Fluttering