How to Use Tinder in 2020: Swipe and Date Like a Pro

how to use tinder

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As one of the most popular dating sites in the world, Tinder has a lot to offer. Learning the art of swiping left or right on Tinder gives you control over who you meet and interact with.  

Want to learn how Tinder works? Then you couldn`t be in a better place. Read on as we break down everything you need to know about setting up and using Tinder.

A Guide on How to Use Tinder Successfully 

To meet your perfect match on Tinder, you can either download the application on your iOS or Android device. Alternatively, you can type in on your browser to access Tinder for web. After setting up your Tinder profile, you can access thousands of profiles and use Tinder`s features like Swipe Left (to pass) or Swipe Right (to like). 

Once a user likes back, Tinder will match your profiles and allow you to connect through chat.  

What You Will Need to Set Up a Tinder Account

To create a Tinder account, you will need the following:

  • An iOS or Android device to download the Tinder app
  • PC or Mac to access Tinder if you don’t fancy downloading the app.
  • Facebook account
  • You can also use your phone number as an alternative to signing up with Facebook.

Already selected your preferences from above? Great, now let`s get to business!

Step by Step Instructions on Setting Up and Using Tinder

Step #1: Sign Up

sign up tinder

Signing up for Tinder is pretty easy. If you prefer the Tinder for web option, key in on your browser and click ‘Log In.’ Proceed to select your preferred tinder log in option, and accept the terms and services at the bottom of the page.

To access Tinder through your android or iOS devices, you`ll need to download the app. Once you select the ‘Create Account’ option, Tinder will request you to choose your preferred ‘Log in’ option.

Before setting up your profile, you must verify your contact details. Don`t forget to allow Tinder access to all permissions after keying in all the important details. Once you do so, you`ll be ready to start dating on Tinder.

Step #2: Choose an Account

Tinder is available in three plans, free access, Tinder Plus, and Tinder Gold. The Tinder free package comes with limited features compared to the Plus and Gold options.

Tinder Plus allows you access to premium features. You get unlimited likes, which allows you to use the ‘Swipe Right’ feature as many times as you wish. You also get the premium ‘Passport’ feature with Tinder Plus that makes it possible to chat with people in any geographic location.  

Want a first-class tinder experience? Then look no further than Tinder Gold. Subscribing to Tinder`s priciest subscription package gives you access to premium features.

Not only do you get unlimited likes, but also five daily ‘Super Likes’ as well as increased profile control. While free Tinder is ideal for light usage, upgrading to the premium packages takes dating from Tinder to a whole new level.  

It is easy to upgrade your ‘Tinder for free’ subscription and gain access to premium features. Just check on the accepted payment methods on your device.

Credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, and American Express are generally accepted for Tinder use.

Step #3: Edit Your Profile

edit account tinder

You only have one chance to make a first impression! As such, it is advisable to set up an outstanding Tinder profile that`ll ensure you stand out. 


Tinder algorithms match users based on swipe statistics.  This makes your profile photo King when it comes to attracting potential matches. Set your best picture as your profile photo and wait as Tinder hooks you up with an equally hot partner!

We also recommend enabling the Smart Photos feature. The feature allows Tinder to reorder your best-performing photos, and show the best ones first. 

Enabling the Smart Photos feature is easy, just tap your profile icon and select the Edit Info button. Go to the Smart Photos button and tap once to activate the setting.

Point to note: you can only enable the Smart Photo settings after uploading three profile photos on Tinder.


Your bio increases interest in your profile. Think of it as an elevator pitch, only that it is targeted towards finding potential dates on Tinder, or even your soul mate.  

While a photo is worth a thousand words, a perfect bio description secures the tinder dates. Pay close attention to the details you type in the bio section as they can either make or break your chances of landing that perfect companion!

Notification Settings

Enable the notification settings to receive instant push notifications from Tinder when you find a match. Disabling the notifications is also easy if you don’t want to receive Tinder`s match notifications.  

Discovery Settings

Discovery settings are crucial in determining the users you view on your Tinder profile. With the right settings, you can influence how tinder matches.

For a smooth Tinder experience, we recommend the review of the discovery settings below: 

Location: Use the location setting to change or update your location. The setting is ‘location’ in iPhone and ‘Swiping in’ in android devices.

Maximum Distance (iOS) or Search Distance (Android): The setting allows you to lower or raise Tinder`s match-making radius. You can opt for large radiuses or settle for a compact perimeter to match within your geographic area.

Gender (iOS) or Show me (Android): Select your gender preference through the Gender settings. You can choose between Men and Women to allow Tinder to find the perfect match for you.

Age Range (iOS) or Show Ages (Android): Restrict the age to a particular range depending on your preferences.

Step #4: Use the Tinder Buttons

like-dislike tinder

Tinder buttons make the app fun by allowing you to interact with potential matches. Below is a brief description of the main Tinder buttons.

Undo: This is a premium feature that allows you to undo your previous swipe.  

Dislike: Comes in the form of a red X icon that dislikes a profile once pressed. Alternatively, a left swipe on the photo also allows you to dislike a profile.

Boost: Comes in the form of a lightning boost and is ideal for increasing profile visibility. Free accounts don`t have access to boost features. Premium accounts benefit from one free boost a month that lasts for thirty minutes.

Like: Comes as a heart-shaped icon and allows you to like a profile you view as a potential match. Alternatively, swiping right will also ensure that you perform the like function.

Super Like: Swiping up on a Tinder profile allows you to perform the ‘Super Like’ function. The Super Like functionality tells a user that you`re super interested in matching with him or her.

Step #5: Swiping

Tinder is all about swiping. Swiping either to the left or the right has a huge bearing on your online dating success on Tinder.

A left swipe indicates disinterest while a right one reveals interests in the user viewed.  

Unless you subscribe to Tinder Gold, it is impossible to view who swiped right on your profile if you fail to like back. 

Step #6: Matching

On Tinder, a match occurs when two users like each other’s profiles. A match disappears when a user ends a match or deletes his or her Tinder account. 

Always ensure that you turn on Tinder notifications to receive notifications immediately you find a match. 

Step# 7: Understand Your Preferences

There is no magic trick to getting more matches when using Tinder for dating. Being yourself and keeping your profile both interesting and attractive is enough to get several right swipes.

Tinder`s Discovery Settings play a pivotal role in determining your success on Tinder. Set everything as you`d want. From location to age and even search distance, ensure that all your settings boost your chances of matching perfectly when dating with Tinder.

Step #8: Make Use of Tinder`s Messaging System

messaging tinder

Once a match in tinder is made, it is crucial to handle your chats like a pro! You don’t want to appear reckless, and neither do you want to come off as boring or dull when using the dating app Tinder for hooking up.

Considering that your Tinder match will likely have several other suitors, it’s important to stand out in your first message. Portraying yourself as confident and easy going is a sure way of sparking further interest.

Step #9: Strategize Your Moves

Inviting someone for lunch immediately after matching is not advisable. Similarly, it is ill-advised to wait too long before making a move.

To succeed on Tinder, your conversations must create the need to advance beyond the dating app. The meet up doesn’t have to be in a day, but neither should it be after three months. It’s all about the energy that you transmit when chatting up your potential date.

Step 10#: Maintain Communication

Once you open Tinder, prompt replies help to create and sustain online relationships. Delayed responses might lead to diminished interest or even an unmatch- and you don’t want that!

FAQ on Tinder

Am I Safe when Using the Tinder App?

Tinder has commendable on-site security measures put in place. However, like other dating apps, your safety depends on how you handle new relationships. 

Avoid sharing personal information with strangers. And as you plan to meet someone from the tinder dating site, be sure to conduct your due diligence.

Is Tinder a Hook-Up or Dating Site?

Similar to several other dating apps, Tinder is free and ideal for both casual and serious relationships. The type of match you find on the app depends on how you set up your profile. If you want something serious, be sure to state your specific preferences on your profile.

Can I find Someone I Know on Tinder?

No, you can`t. Tinder only allows its users to search for matched profiles. 

Can I Impersonate Someone on Tinder?

Tinder`s terms and conditions forbid the use of fake profiles. 

As one of the leading online dating sites, Tinder constantly looks for ways to improve both online and offline security.

Final Takeaway on Using Tinder

tinder app

Now that we have discussed how to use Tinder, you should be well placed to use the app effectively.

Since Tinder`s premium packages come with several advantages, we recommend going premium if you want advanced features. 

We hope you enjoyed this Tinder tutorial and found it informative. In case of any clarifications, feedback, or inquiries, drop us a comment and we`ll be more than glad to respond.

Also, feel free to share with friends and family to help them when starting out on Tinder.

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