OkCupid vs Match: Which Online Dating Site is Best?


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You’re ready to start online dating, and it’s time to choose between OkCupid and Match. These are two of the most famous, popular dating site options. They are even owned by the same company.

It can be hard to decide between OkCupid vs. Match. Which one is best for you? Let’s take a closer look at comparing the two dating sites.

Overview: Match.com vs. OkCupid

Match was created in 1993 and launched in 1995, so it is the first official dating site ever. It was part of the transition from newspaper personal ads to online profiles. Match made it easy for people to find someone who they were attracted to. They could search profiles by criteria. It’s now an international company, with members in 25 different countries.

Nearly a decade later, in 2004, OkCupid formed. Early on, it was one of the rare free dating sites. The OkCupid app stood out by letting people create their own multiple choice quizzes to see who they would like. If you have a question that’s a dealbreaker, your OkCupid profile is place to ask it.

Match.com Pros:

  • A long history of success as one of the original online dating platforms
  • User-friendly app, which is free from the App Store or Google Play
  • Optional sign-up through Facebook or other social media accounts
  • Welcomes singles of all ages and sexual orientations

Match.com Cons:

  • While the sign-up process is fast, the review process can take up to 24 hours before your profile is public.
  • The traditional search process is a lot like many other free sites.

OkCupid Pros:

  • OkCupid has its own unique multi-tiered questionnaire of 4,500 questions to choose from.
  • The OkCupid free app is available for both Android and iOS users.
  • OkCupid dating is available for all singles, regardless of age or sexual orientation.
  • It’s easy to search with definitions for each gender and orientation identifier system.

OkCupid Cons:

  • Sometimes, free dating sites can feel like hookup sites more than paid sites.
  • The OkCupid algorithm is not guaranteed.

Is Match Better than OkCupid?

If you are browsing around Match vs. OkCupid Reddit feed or elsewhere on the internet, you’ll get a lot of conflicting views. When deciding the OkCupid popularity comparison with Match, consider these features:

Sign up process 

Signing up is the first step for dating with both OkCupid vs. Match. Who else is signing up? Could it be the one?

  • OkCupid has slightly more males, at 53%. Match.com has 52% female users. They both have millions of users signing up and creating profiles.
  • com has many more older users, with ages from 45 to over 65 years old. Both dating sites have the majority of the users between the ages of 25 and 55 years old.


Tie! OkCupid has a more diverse user base in terms of gender and sexual identification, but Match has a wider range of ages.

The matching system 

How does OkCupid work? And how does it differ from Match? It’s the matching system, which is also known as the algorithm. When you sign up for the OkCupid, you’ll be given tons of questions to answer. This sets up the general vibe of OkCupid. This dating app is much more open-minded in terms of non-binary gender orientations and sexual preferences.

When you are filling out your questionnaire, your answers are used for your OkCupid matches. The system requires you to answer at least 15, but most of the user base will answer 50 or more. This makes sure your matches like the same things you do.

Match is a little different. When signing up, you tell the system your general criteria. Do you have a specific age group, ethnicity, religion or geographic range that interests you? That’s how the matching system works. Mutual matches help you know that the other person is looking for a profile like yours.


If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, Match has a higher success rate. However, OkCupid profiles are more individualized.

Chat and Messaging

Big differences arise with OkCupid vs. Match when you’ve found a profile you’re interested in getting to know a little better. The first is cost. OkCupid offers free chatting. You do not even have to have matched before someone within the user base reaches out to you, or vice versa.

While instant messaging is a tenet of online dating and dating sites in general, singles know what can happen if it’s free and open. This is why the reputation of OkCupid is a hookup site over a place to find a serious relationship. Of course, that is just the reputation. Many long-term relationships start with OkCupid messages.

With Match, if you want to chat with someone, you have to buy a membership. But as a member, you can send and receive winks to your daily matches.


Match.com dating is best because no one wants spam in their dating site inbox.


Is OkCupid free? Technically, yes. But like so many free dating sites, the OkCupid mobile and desktop site offers an upgraded service. This is called A-List. For $7.95 a month, $6.35 a month for three months, or $3.95 if you sign up for six months, you get:

  • To see who likes you. The system points them out on your profile and in “Double Take.”
  • Unlimited likes
  • Ability to search for other criteria, like body type and how they answer questions.
  • No ads

Another paid service for OkCupid is A-List Premium. For $34.90 a month, or $24.90 per month when you sign up for six months, your profile can be completely hidden to everyone who you’ve already liked or isn’t already in your message list. It’s called OkCupid Incognito Mode.

Is Match free? Most certainly not! While you can get a free trial for three days for Match.com, you’ll have to pay for a membership subscription if you want to fully use the service. The Premium plan is $14.99 a month, or $11.49 if you sign up for half a year and $8.99 a month for the year.


  • OkCupid has many more free features and questions to answer. This makes it fun, with online dating should always be.

Match or OkCupid? A Look At Features

Here’s a look at the price of some of the similar features.

Account registration 

Account registration is free for both. When you sign up to Match, you get a few days free to test the dating site. This way, you’ll know it’s right for you. To save time, you can set up Match.com using your Facebook account.

The process is similar for OkCupid.com/Match. For the former, you can sign up through Facebook or enter your personal information. Next, you upload a profile photo and start filling out your profile.


  • Match is the best, because you’re able to test the waters for free.

Profile creation 

OkCupid reviews prove that this dating site stands out for its profile creation. Instead of starting with simple “ice breaker” questions, this online dating process is different. There are many questions discussing politics, climate change, and other current events. Along with filling out these answers , you’re able to choose specifically your gender and sexual identity.

It’s also free for Match to set up a profile. Once you download the app, you’ll be asked to choose from many criteria options. Choose among criteria like body type, relationship status, and dealbreakers like children, education level, and drinking habits. Then, you’ll be asked for five interests. You can then describe yourself and upload some photos.


  • OkCupid allows for a more in-depth understanding of someone’s thoughts. This may help you get past the dating criteria that has limited you in the past.

Searching members 

With Match and OkCupid, browse features are perhaps the most important. Both allow you to search for members, but it is free only with OkCupid.

On Match, you can search for profiles with similar criteria. You can also search for singles who match with you. Or, it’s possible to search for profiles who may be different, for the “opposites attract” dating method.

OkCupid is also based on searching. You can search in a wide variety of terms, including the way people answer the questions. You can also search based on zip code, height, age, and more.


  • Match wins, because it’s simple and easy to search.

View member profiles 

Match allows you to view profiles of fellow members every day. OkCupid search and view options are similar. One way that OkCupid is different is with the “Double Take” feature. This lets you jump to understanding the personality of the person behind the profile, along with seeing more photos. If you choose a “Double Take” and the other person does as well, you’ll be alerted for free.


  • OkCupid’s “Double Take” feature is flattering and fun.

Who viewed you? Who liked you?

Read any OkCupid review, and you’ll see that singles appreciate that you can see who likes you for free. Want to know if they liked you first before you liked them? You can sign up for the A-List.

In Match, it’s more about matches than about likes. Each day, you’ll get a list of matches. You can swipe through them, like on Tinder. Like so many dating sites, Match then will tell you if the other person wants to match with you too. Plus, Match will alert users to singles who have checked out and liked their profiles.


  • Match is the best here, because almost all activity is transparent for members.

How do you know they read your message?

To see when someone has read your message on the OkCupid app, you must sign up for the A-List membership service. This service is available to all Match members. Read messages are a different color and have a date stamp underneath.


  • Match again is better, because everyone can see when emails have been opened.

The best way to get noticed

There are a few ways to get noticed, but they’re different with Match vs. OkCupid. If you sign up for Ok Cupid’s A-List Premium, you are eligible for the “Daily Auto Boost.” This makes your profile more prominent during the peak hours of use every day. You can also purchase boosts individually. Ten boosts cost $1.89 each.

On Match.com, the top-tier members can buy boosts for increased dating chances as well. These operate on a monthly basis, and they cost $2.49 for 10 boosts.


  • OkCupid is the best, because it’s less expensive for the same action.

Success Rate Comparison 

All the features in the world aren’t anything if they don’t actually work. This is really the bottom line for the Match vs. OkCupid battle. Match claims that is leads to more marriages, relationships, and overall dates than any of its competitors.

A couple years ago, it announced that 200,000 people a year find relationships on Match.com. Using data collected by The Wedding Channel, it said that more than 30% of marriages that started from online dating came from Match.

OkCupid, meanwhile, has resulted in thousands of dates, but not so many successful long-term relationships. The reputation of OkCupid–hookup fun only–can make meaningful connections challenging. Still, many couples have started as daily matches.


  • Match has been around a long time for a reason. Lots of people praise its methods.

Customer service 

If something goes wrong on a dating site, you want to be able to make it right. Ok Cupid does not have a customer service phone number. Instead, you have to navigate through frequently asked questions. Match is a dating site that makes it a little easier to get individualized help. They have a contact form on their website.

Standout Features

What really makes these dating websites different? Here is a quick rundown of the different standout features of each.


  • Send likes: This feature is part of the regular membership.
  • Participate in the matchmaking game: At the heart of Match.com is the match! It’s free to play and find connection.
  • Receive SingledOut matches: These are particularly good matches, and they are highlighted on your home page as part of the basic membership account.
  • Instant Messenger: You must be a member to send or receive messages on Match.
  • MatchPhone: To protect privacy, you can talk to one of your matches on the dating site through MatchPhone. This is an anonymous number. If you never want to talk to the person again, you can block it with one click.
  • Browse Invisibly: You can change between either visible or hidden when you’re on the site.


  • Keeping track of who you like: It’s free to keep track of this important information. You click a star icon next to the person you’re interested in.
  • Participate in Double Take: This is a fun way to bypass the questionnaire to learn more about a person. You can browse and do a double-take, and then the profile will end up in your heart pile. You’ll know if the other person does a double-take, too.
  • No ads: If you’d like OkCupid to be an ad-free experience, you’ll have to pay for A-List status.
  • Use of advanced search filters: If you are on the A-List, you can search with advanced features like body type and attractiveness.
  • Message priority: A-List status is hidden. But if you’re paying, you’ll still get to the top of the list when you message someone.
  • See public question answers: Again, this standout feature is for paying members only. It’s a good way to search for people who feel the same way on a particularly important subject.

The Bottom Line: Who Wins?

While both OkCupid.com and Match.com are successful and fun dating apps and sites, it is more likely that you will find the one with the older, more respected and trustworthy site. People who are serious about finding someone special are more willing to pay for a platform that is known to work. That’s why Match wins for the better option.

Of course, it depends on what you are looking for. Some singles may discover that Match.com’s traditional platform is too restrictive. If you identify in a non-binary way, either by sexuality or in gender status, it may feel more comfortable to create a profile in a platform that is more open to a diverse group. Also, some people are nervous about the prices of Match.

We think for the success and the ease of use, Match is the best bet for finding love.

What do you think?

Do you think Match should have won over OkCupid? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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