Single Parent Dating Sites: Are There Dating Sites for Single Parents? 2020 Review

single parent dating site

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As a single mom or dad, finding the right single parent websites can sometimes be challenging if you do not have the correct information. While there are many dating websites for single parents, not all are worth your time or consideration.

In this article, we help you get amazing facts about online dating for single parents on websites where moms date dads. Others even build long-term relationships. Besides, we give you useful tips on dating as a single parent.

Without further ado, let us take a look at some of the best sites, such as Single Parent Meet and Here we go:

Top Ten Online Dating Sites for Single Parents


Single Parent Meet

Best extra features

  • If you are looking for a platform that also allows you to search for a partner both through offline and online dating, then this single parent date platform might just be your best
  • It makes use of messages and chats to connect moms and dads to their matching partners
  • Although it gives you the freedom to search and connect, it does not provide you with pieces of advice with regards to your relationship
  • It has, however, over the years grown to be a popular place to meet single parents free
  • To enjoy extra features, you can use its optional token system



Best privacy

  • With a worldwide presence, has proved to be one of the best dating sites for single parents over the years
  • It allows members to select partners of their choice through writing and by setting up their profiles that should include not more than 26 photos
  • For a high level of privacy, this site allows potential partners to contact each other anonymously
  • Standard membership allows you contact singles locally, get messages and see who has viewed your profile only
  • Premium membership notifies you when someone reads your message, email, or views your profile to respond immediately




The best matching tool

  • As a unique single parent dating UK site that uses compatibility testing, eHarmony has been hailed as the best single meet parents site to get a perfect match
  • It not only helps you find a partner but it is the best in romance building
  • It provides coaching and dating advice for anyone who needs help either in getting a partner or even stabilizing a relationship
  • You can join for free, but to be able to utilize all the site features, you will have to subscribe to a premium membership
  • Generally, one of the best single parent dating sites UK for singles who want to share their profiles with all rights reserved and find mates easily




Cleanest Interface

  • One of the top-ranked single parents dating UK sites
  • Suitable if you are looking for a long-term relationship
  • It makes use of quick quizzes to keep its interface clean while helping match single parents to their compatible halves
  • To register, you need to answer a few questions on a personality questionnaire
  • Membership is free but to enjoy all the site features such as single mom dating apps; you need to subscribe



Single Parent Match

Best after divorce

  • Helps people looking for single mother dating and fathers who want to connect with like-minded partners whether it is single parents match, regular friends or a lifelong partner
  • It has a unique online dating support system where mums date dads and seek assistance or ask any questions that they may have
  • It also has support for help immediately after divorce, a service they call “Sunshine after divorce storm.”
  • The support makes dating as a single parent easy especially for the hopeless




Best free

  • Whether you want to meet single moms for free, you are just a mature single looking for a partner, enjoy single parent dating free, or want an experience dating single mums OurTime can be the best site for you
  • It provides relationships help especially for those above 50 and cannot easily find their dream partners
  • With its easy-to-navigate and streamlined set up, anyone can make use of the site whether they are tech-savvy or not
  • Finally, it is one of the completely free dating sites for single parents, so you do not need to spend anything to enjoy all its features



Single Parent Passions

Best chat

  • Operating as a social network, single mom dating site, this platform gives single parents a chance to build friendships and relationships
  • It makes interactions and online relationships as easy and natural as possible
  • You can share your stories and interests on your profile while also seeing what other people have got to say
  • It also gives you a chance to join chats, send or receive emails and view activity status with all rights reserved at all times



Christian Mingle

Safe Option

  • Focuses on connecting Christian single men and women
  • It provides a profile personalization tool that helps maximize the chances of one getting their perfect match
  • Strict verificationsystem to ensure that all users are legitimate and not scammers to steal from unsuspecting Christian singles
  • You have to pay for special features such as chatting and messaging about datng for parents and related stuff



Just Single Parents

Best filters

  • Just single parents site has one of the most excellent platforms that are easy to use and maintains high levels of professionalism
  • A paid membership allows you to search your partner using advanced filterslike the location and age that you desire
  • It does not have a compatibility testing feature hence you will have to talk to potential partners to determine their suitability


What Are Some Online Dating Tips For Single Parents?

While looking online for a dating partner is not a new phenomenon, finding a lasting and loving relationship online, especially after a divorce, can sometimes be challenging. However, with the right tips at hand, you can be sure to meet other dating parents.

In order to help you use online dating sites appropriately, and find the right partner, here are some useful tips for you:

a)      Pick the best websites

Your journey to finding love starts with finding the right site. Whether it is a single father dating site or single moms dating app, please find useful websites. You can search for dating sites for single parents reviews to find out what others have to say about the websites you are considering. If you can find one with a dating app for single parents, please try it too.

b)     Verify potential suitors

Never be quick to accept someone just because of their profile pictures. You should go a step further and verify their identity. Also, check their social media information, and if possible, you can video call just before you declare that you are love birds ready to start a relationship.

c)      Be smart about requests to meet in person

Once you meet someone you ticks all your boxes, please be smart about the first face-to-face meeting. You should decline offers to meet in their home, office, or any private place. Instead, make use of virtual meetings first.

d)     Report any shady activity to your website

If a potential partner shows any lousy behavior such as harassment or extortion as it is often prevalent in a single mums’ dating site, do not be afraid to report them. Many websites allow you to block, but that’s not enough. Reporting will help ensure safety for everyone.

e)      Don’t reveal sensitive information

Even when you are almost sure that you have found love, don’t be overexcited or quick to reveal too much private information to him/her. Take the time, and you will be safe in case something happens, and you are forced to stop the relationship, especially if you decide to try someone else.

How to Manage Your Dating Life When You Are a Single Parent

If you are dating as a single mum, as soon as you find someone who seems to be ready for a future, another challenge begins. Although he might not have a problem with children, telling your kids your next move might not be easy.

Therefore, once you both agree that you are starting a serious affair, you need to develop a plan on how you will involve the kids. To avoid resistance or to introduce the kids to a life they may not be happy with, here are useful things to do:

  • Don’t rush anything, take your time to add your kids to the new partner
  • Do not include your new partner in too many of your family or children affairs at first
  • Beware of premature attachment between your younger children and the new partner
  • Execute a slow merge and not an overnight change of state from single to engaged or married
  • Pay attention to and calm the fears of your kids

At the initial stages, while dating as a single mom, you are more likely to realize that the children may show uneasiness with the new relationship. In such instances, do not force them but instead put things in perspective by initiating a conversation and actions that will slowly but ultimately make the transition possible.

Are Online Dating Sites for Single Parents Safe?

Let’s face it! Online dating continues to gain popularity, and many people have amazing stories of success to share about it.

But, there’s another side to it.

You must beware of the safety of websites such as dating sites for kids, dating apps for single parents, parents without partners dating, single mom dating app, single parent dating app, and others. And always know how to stay safe.

Not everyone you encounter on these sites is genuinely looking for a partner. Some are scammers. To stay safe and find love at the same time, do the following:

  • Don’t be quick to give everyone your personal information
  • Let your first meeting be in a public place
  • Drive yourself or use public transport. Don’t be ready to accept carpool
  • Video chat a few days before meeting
  • Get and use free Google voice number first before switching to your real number
  • Do your homework well and get the facts before making acceptance or proposal

Most importantly, the one big mistake you should avoid is acting without being mindful of your safety online. However, the good thing is that with these safety tips at hand, you are sure to make use of dating sites for parents and find single mothers for dating or dads hassle-free.

Single Parent Dating Sites – Wrapping It Up

If you are looking for the best single parents dating sites where single parents meet, you now know the options to consider. Form our list, the best overall site reviewed is Single Parent Meet. Why? Talk of freedom, flexibility, convenience, and a token system that takes the whole experience to the next level.

Dating for single parents can, at times, be a challenge. Fortunately, online dating technologies have helped a lot in solving a couple of single parent dating issues.

Don’t mind what your old relationship or experience took you through. There is hope since it is easy nowadays to find many great and even free dating sites for single parents.

This article wasn’t just for single parents. It has vital information for people seeking to understand dating for parents. You can still find love on websites for single parents and even commit to a long-term relationship. Give it a try, and remember to stay safe online.

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