How to Tell a Girl You Like Her in 10 Easy Steps

How to Tell a Girl You Like Her in 10 Easy Steps

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We have the low down and step-by-step tips to show you how to tell a girl you like her. Whether she’s someone you admire from afar or someone already in the friend-zone, we’ve got the tips you need to take things to the next level. And, by the end of this article, you will have all of the info (and hopefully, courage) to let that special girl know how you feel about her.


Things to Remember

Before we get started, there are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re trying to figure out how to tell a girl you like her.

  • All girls are different. So, what works for one girl may not work for another. Follow her personality cues.
  • No girl is out of your league. Many girls who seem unapproachable are oftentimes the loneliest.
  • Don’t let the fear of rejection stop you! If she rejects you, that is on her and in no way reflects on how great of a guy you really are.
  • No regrets. If you put off telling her, she may be scooped up by another guy, leaving you kicking yourself in the rear for waiting.


10 Steps on How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

#1 Be Yourself

Step1 on How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

This piece of advice may seem too simple. However, you’d be surprised to learn how many guys try to change who they are to get a girl to like them. For instance, if she is into romantic comedies and hard-core heavy metal, don’t tell her you like the same things just so you have something in common. It will eventually come back to bite you.

Fortunately, most girls aren’t going to reject you simply because you have different interests. Be honest and be yourself

For instance, tell her, “Cool, hip-hop is more my thing but who are your favorite bands? I’ll check them out.” And when it comes to romantic comedies, don’t agree to watch one with her if, half way through the flick, you’re rolling your eyes or falling asleep. Try to find common ground and a genre you both like. And that extends to all of your interests.


#2 She May Already Like You

Step2 on How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

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You may already be past the friend-zone and don’t even know it. Open your eyes, pay attention and look for the clues that can show you she may already like you.


She may be crushing on you if:

  • She gives you visual cues like making eye contact when you’re talking to her or if she leans in during conversations. Most girls will also turn with their legs toward you when you’re seated showing she has an interest in you.
  • She flirts with you. Most girls will flirt by making eye contact, smiling and looking down or away. Some girls twirl their hair or flip it off one shoulder when they are flirting. She may also touch your arm while talking to you or playfully shove you when you say something funny.
  • She shows interest in the things you do and like. She may ask you where you like to hang out, if you could suggest a good Netflix movie to watch or ask you about your work or outside interests. Girls don’t ask about things like this if they’re not already interested in you.


#3 Getting to or Staying in the Friend Zone

Step3 on How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

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“Establish a friendship beforehand. Connection is important, pay attention to a woman’s signals and if she’s putting out a mixed (one) don’t approach.”

-Pamela, 25, Indiana


If you’re crushing on a girl you don’t really know, your goal is to get into the friend zone. On the other hand, if you are already acquaintances or friends, you will want to strengthen your position there. Here are some tips for getting to or staying in the friend zone.


Crushing from Afar and Moving to the Friend Zone

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself crushing on a girl you work with, pass on campus between classes or working at your favorite coffee shop. Therefore, you need a plan on how to get from being strangers to being in the friend zone.

One way to connect is by being direct. Approach her and say hello and come right out and ask her if she’d like to join you for coffee. However, if you’re not the forward type, start slow. For instance, make excuses to bump into her and start a conversation. Once you’re there, you can ask her to join you and a group of friends for a movie, bowling or other activity.

Another way is to go old-school and play secret admirer. Don’t be creepy and stalker-ish, simply leave a note for her saying you admire her from afar and are hoping to get the guts to approach her soon. Leave her a single rose, pay for her coffee or lunch in advance then work up the courage to approach her and say hello.


Staying in the Friend Zone


“Laugh react to my posts online. Make me laugh and laugh at my jokes. I’m a sucker for funny people.” -April, 22 Florida


So, you’re already friends and you need to know how to move from there to something more. Further your friendship by connecting on social media (and liking, laughing and commenting on some of her posts and pics). You can also arrange more group outings and include her in, especially if it gives you a chance at some one-on-one time with her.

Finally, start connecting with her more on your own through texting, phone calls and hanging out together. Most all girls prefer to be friends first, so she can get to know the real you, before moving on to a more intimate relationship.


#4 Get to Know Her Through Active Listening

Step4 on How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

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“Just like listen and care bro! Even before my BF asked me out, I knew he cared about me (at the very least as a friend) bc he listened and engaged with me, paid attention to the things I liked and asked more about things I was interested in if he didn’t know stuff.”

-Ellie, 30, Wisconsin


Before making the big move and telling her that you like her, you’ll want to get to know her better through active listening. For example, listen to her conversations closely and pay attention if she mentions something she needs or wants. Additionally, you can get a lot of clues as to the things she likes.

As a result, you’ll know how to better approach her, show her how much you like her and give her little hints and compliments along the way. With any luck, you’ll also learn about how she’s been done wrong by a guy in the past and will know what not to do in pursuing a relationship with her.


#5 Giving Her Compliments and Hints

Step5 on How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

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“Take an interest in my personality, likes, dislikes etc. Compliment my mind and not my looks, don’t try cheesy lines. Show some sense of humor, I love a bit of banter.” 

-Ronnie, 26, Los Angeles


You will want to lay the groundwork before you tell her you like her rather than just blurting it out. And the best way to do this is by giving her compliments and little hints that you like her. It’s important to remember that girls like to hear that they are more than just a pretty face. Therefore, compliment her in other ways to. Some fantastic examples of compliments are:

  • “You’re hilarious.” Compliment her wicked sense of humor.
  • “I’ve learned a lot from you.” Compliment her knowledge of a subject or her intelligence.
  • “You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met.” Compliment her unique personality and style.
  • “You have a great smile.” Compliment a specific feature you adore like her eyes, lips or hair.
  • “You look amazing, as always.” Compliment her beauty showing you are always paying attention.


#6 Timing is Everything

Step6 on How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

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The hardest part of knowing how to tell a girl you like her is knowing when to let her know you are crushing on her. We don’t want to use the old cliché’ that you’ll just know in your gut, however, sometimes you just feel it. And if you do, go for it.

On the other hand, if you’re still unsure, look at your relationship as it is now. If the two of you are having engaging conversations, enjoy spending time together and are communicating more than not, it’s definitely time to take that next step. If not, it’s time to concentrate on the steps above before making that all-important move.


#7 Show, Don’t Tell

Step7 on How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

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“I think it should be pretty obvious to both parties that there’s something there before any questions are asked. I’m not into randos.” 

-Cassy, 22 Indiana


Sure, the title of this how-to list is how to tell a girl you like her, but more often than not, girls like to be shown how you feel about them. This is where the active listening comes into play and you can use what you know to show her how much you like her.

A perfect example would be; you heard she got roped into babysitting her nieces and nephews and she wasn’t looking forward to it. You can show interest by asking her how the night went. Or, ahead of time, run out and grab some kid’s DVDs, games or a gift certificate to an ice cream shop and give them to her. Don’t forget to wish her luck or offer her your help.

Other ways to show her how much you like her are to ask questions specific to her life and giving her little gifts to show you’re invested in her and paying attention to her needs and wants. And finally, don’t forget the simple things like opening a door for her, bringing her coffee or a small bouquet of flowers to celebrate the new job she just landed.


#8 Take Her Aside and Just Do it!

Step8 on How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

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“Being straightforward and honest. Let them literally know. Don’t beat around the bush.”

-Amanda, 29 Ohio


When the time comes to tell a girl you like her, it’s important to step away and have the conversation privately. You will want to be sure that you are able to focus 100% of your attention on her. So, ask her to take a walk, go into another room or meet you somewhere for coffee, a drink or dinner. You can say:

  • “There’s something I’ve really wanted to talk to you about, can we go for a walk?”
  • “Can I talk to you about something in private?”
  • “Would you grab a drink with me tonight? There’s something important I want to tell you.”


Once you have her alone, tell her how you feel your relationship as friends has grown. Be sure and express to her the things that make you like her. For example, “When I’m around you, I’m a better person.” Or “I have never met anyone like you.”

Then, just do it. Smile and be confident. Swallow the butterflies, take a deep breath and tell her how you feel. Tell her she’s an amazing friend but your feelings have evolved beyond friendship and you’d like more than anything to explore that next step with her. Or be brief and to the point; take her hand, look her in the eye and say, “I like you, a lot.”


#9 How to Tell a Girl You Like Her Via Text

Many people speak more via text than any other way. Between work, school, home-life and side hustles, texting is faster and more convenient that a telephone call. So, if you have been texting with a girl you’re crushing on, here’s how to tell her you like her.

First, be sure you have followed the steps above and have listened to her, paid her compliments and given her hints. Next, think about what you want to say. Fortunately, when texting, you have plenty of time to think about what you want to say and can edit before hitting send.

Finally, send her a flower or heart emoji and tell her there’s something you want to say. Craft your text carefully and hit send. You can send 3 different texts saying, “I…. Like…. You.” or get creative by starting with, “How much do I like you?” And following with “More than (pizza emoji, puppy emoji and beer emoji)”.


#10 The Next Step

Once you have told a girl that you like her and she is agreeable to explore things beyond the friend zone, the next step is to ask her out on a date. Fortunately, you’ve been friends for a while, so you already know what she likes. Invite her out to dinner at her favorite restaurant, ask her to see that movie she’s been talking about or plan a picnic to her favorite spot.


She Rejected You, Now What?

Nobody likes rejection; it stings and it sucks. But the worst thing you can do right now is allow it to ruin your friendship. Therefore, no matter how salty you may feel at that moment, smile, tell her you don’t want to lose her as a friend and tell her you’ll see her later.

From there, get back into the normal routine of hanging out as a group. However, if you don’t feel you can handle being around her, take your time and work through your feelings. Most importantly, remember, she may have rejected you, but that’s on her. It has absolutely nothing to do with how great of a guy you are.


Are You Out of the Friend Zone Now? Tell Us!

We hope that you liked our tips and that they helped you in some way. We understand how hard it can be to navigate your way through relationships and want to help make things easier for you. So, if you’ve had success in telling a girl you like her, please share it in the comments below, especially if you used our how-to guide! We want to hear your stories. And don’t forget to help another guy out of a tough spot by sharing our page with them.

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