Zoosk vs Match: An Online Dating Site Throw-Down

Zoosk Vs Match

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Looking for a date or seeking that soulmate to share your life with, and don’t have the time to weed through set-ups from well-meaning friends? Dating apps are the best solution for finding that special person. But which one is worthy of your hard-earned cash?

Zoosk and Match are two of the heaviest hitters out there. We’ve done a detailed, feature-by-feature comparison to show you which dating site is the winner.


Meet the Contenders: Match and Zoosk

Zoosk was rolled out in 2007 and reports that they have 38 million users, making it one of the most popular dating apps around. It’s simple, straight forward format has won multiple awards. However, what makes Zoosk stand out in the crowd of dating apps is that it has users in 80 countries, making it the preferred dating app for those looking for international matches.

Zoosk offers its users a limited-feature free version as well as a paid membership with multiple benefits. Additionally, users can choose feature boosts from an ala carte menu which is paid for through the purchase of Zoosk coins. Finally, Zoosk uses a smart-match algorithm that learns more about you the more you interact with the site.


Zoosk Pro and Cons


The pros of the Zoosk dating app are:

  • Super-fast sign-up gets you looking for matches in minutes.
  • Propagates your bio, likes and preferences from Google and Facebook and applies it to the algorithm.
  • Carousel and Smart Pick features with yes, no and maybe options.
  • 2 step verification process gives user credibility with a blue check-mark.

The cons of the Zoosk dating app:

  •  Reportedly has many inactive and spammy accounts and limited choices for messaging.
  • Privacy policy states that it sells your information and members get spam.


Match is the one of the OG’s of the dating apps world, having been around since 1995. Match boasts 22 million users in 24 countries and has a reputation for being the site for people looking for more serious relationships. Match is a stand-out dating app by offering its members the most ways of meeting their special someone, including live events and gatherings.

Match also offers a limited feature, free version. However, Match offers users 2 tiers of membership plans, Standard and Premium, that are loaded with features and perks. Further, Match also offers a cash ala carte menu for boosts, invisible browsing and expert profile writing. Finally, Match also uses an intelligent algorithm that gets better the more you use the site.


Match Pros and Cons


The pros of the Match app:

  • Ability to share your profile on sister sites: POF, Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, Our Time, etc.
  • Your matches are emailed to you every 24 hours, no login required.
  • Several messaging options including Match’s safe call and text feature.
  • Offers a 6-month guarantee: You meet someone special or you get a free 6-month membership.

The cons of the Match dating app are:

  • Sign-up is lengthy, taking 15-30 minutes and includes essay questions.
  • Match’s auto-renewal practice has to be manually changed or users will be charged without any prior warning.


Zoosk vs Match: Head-to-Head

How Much is a Membership?

Zoosk and Match both offers paid memberships but how does each compare in dollars and cents? Zoosk offers a 1, 3- and 6-month membership starting at $29.95. A 6-month membership will cost you $74.95 plus a one-time activation fee of $24.95. It’s been rumored that the activation fee has been nixed, however, several sites still show it’s being charged.

In comparison, Match offers 3, 6- and 12-month memberships for two available tiers, regular and premium. A 6-month Match regular membership will cost you $159.90 and a premium tier membership will set you back even more. Match doesn’t have activation fees.

Both Zoosk and Match offer membership fees that line up with most other popular dating apps available. However, Zoosk’s membership fees are a bit less than Match’s and they offer 1-month memberships. That means you can try out a short membership first. Therefore, Zoosk wins the membership match, hands down.


What You Get for the Money

When it comes to features and perks, both Match and Zoosk have a great deal to offer, depending on what you’re looking for. Zoosk gives you a simple app with no home page and it displays only one profile at a time. You get a detailed search option, receive your matches on the app, have 2 matchmaking choices and can message love interests from the app or website itself.

On the other hand, Match has a dedicated home page with a menu for favorites, messaging, chat and more. You can view profiles in a grid format or one at a time, use Match’s detailed search option and you are emailed your matches daily. Match also has several matchmaking choices; however, you can also message, talk or text using Match’s website or app.

Because Match has many more ways to use their app as well as the additional features that are lacking in the Zoosk dating app, Match gives you more for your hard-earned money and wins this round of the throw-down.


The Matchmaking Formulas

Both the Zoosk and Match dating apps claim to have a special matchmaking algorithm that makes them stand out from the thousands of dating sites available today. And, they are both correct, as they use similar formulas called behavioral matchmaking. To explain, it takes your bio, interests, and likes and combines them with what the app learns from you as you interact.

Therefore, the more you use the app, the more precise the matchmaking gets. Match requires you to fill in your bio and answer extensive questions about your background, beliefs, hobbies, and interests. It couples that with the data it retrieves from your site activity and begins narrowing down the field of potential mates, getting better as the days and weeks progress.

In comparison, Zoosk already knows more about you than you would guess. It is because Zoosk was one of the first Facebook apps available to users. So, when you login to Zoosk, it pulls years of Facebook information, adds that to your short bio and is already ahead of Match’s matchmaking game, giving you faster results and better matches right out of the gate.

Zoosk wins best in the show with its matchmaking formula and Facebook connection.


Up Your Game with Add-Ons

So, you are serious about finding the one and you’re looking to get a leg-up on the dating app competition. Both Zoosk and Match offer you add-ons that you can purchase separately from your regular membership. With Zoosk, you can purchase these add-ons with Zoosk coins. In comparison, Match offers add-ons that you purchase with cash.

Zoosk’s menu of add-ons include boosting your profile so you are put at the top of the list with anyone you match and premium Carousel that gives you extra crushes to send. In addition, you can buy virtual gifts to send to love-interests and browse in invisibility mode.

In contrast, Match gives you an add-on list that includes Top Spot placement which shows your profile first to potential matches and invisibility mode. Additionally, you can purchase an add-on that employs a professional writer to review, optimize and rewrite your profile for you. Match squeaks by with a win in this category for the simplicity of using cash instead of coins.


The Many Ways to Match

Both of these online dating sites provides you with everything you need to meet your dream date. Nonetheless, one edges out the other with more options in narrowing down the field of potential dates.

Zoosk let’s you play hot or not, with a maybe choice thrown in there, with their Carousel matching feature. You can also use their search option or Smart Match feature, which uses the previously mentioned formula to choose your matches. And you can find those matches right there on the Zoosk app.

Match lets you play the Match Game, like the Zoosk Carousel Game but without a maybe option. Additionally, you can use their search feature, Mutual Match, Percentage Match, your Daily Matches and Match Me features. Match also will feature your Top 5 matches of the day. Therefore, Match sweeps this portion of the head-to-head showdown.


Making Those Connections

Once you’re matched with some interesting prospects, the next step is to connect with those people. Both Zoosk and Match give you options for making those connections through their apps but which one delivers the best options for communicating?

Zoosk let’s you send hearts or smiles on their free app, however, only those with paid memberships can send and respond to messages. You can send Mega Flirts, which are prewritten questions or messages, to several users at once and you can use their chat feature. There are no daily limits on how many messages you can send or respond to.

Match also lets you send likes and winks to those you are interested in while using their free version. But with a paid membership you can send and receive unlimited messages and use their live chat option. But Match takes it a step further giving you Match Call and Match Text, your own, private number through which you can talk and text in privacy.

With the added perk of private Match phone numbers, Match offers an excellent level of privacy. Thus, allowing you to get to know someone before sharing your real digits. It’s because of these added benefits that Match takes this round of the comparison.


Keeping Those Matches Straight

You’ve been on either Zoosk or Match for a little while now and have liked, crushed, sent winks and even messaged some interesting people. So, how does Match and Zoosk match up when it comes to keeping all of your data straight and organized for you?

Zoosk has streamlined the process and keeps it in a simple drop-down menu. Zoosk keeps messages in your inbox. The connections tab shows you every profile you have liked and those who have liked you back. The views option shows you people who have viewed your profile in full; from there you can scroll through, look at their profiles and keep, delete or block those people.

Match has several ways to keep your connections straight, however, they are spread out across a menu, the home page and on every page you view. Your mailbox separates conversation threads by length of connection. Your have 2 winks categories; sent and received. You have likes (you didn’t untick when shown) and likes which you added yourself (self-explanatory).

Although it is nice to have everything organized into categories, Match is a bit excessive by not combining the winks and likes from you with those you have received under one tab. Zoosk keeps everything extremely easy and isn’t dating difficult enough? The clear winner here is Zoosk.


Match Has Exclusive Features

Match definitely has some exclusive features that put it ahead of Zoosk in this throw-down comparison as well as standing out among most online dating sites and apps.

  • A GuaranteeMatch guarantees that they will find you a meaningful relationship in 6 months or your next 6 months is on them. That is definitely a plus if you’re looking for that special someone.
  •  Match Live Events: With a paid membership, Match offers you access to any of their live events held throughout the country. These single’s mixers include cocktail parties, bowling gatherings, wine and art events as well as bucket list activities like skydiving and rock climbing. This is a great way to get out, mingle and possibly meet the person of your dreams in a more organic way.
  • Ask Match: This brand-new service was introduced in May of 2019 and has been a huge hit with male Match members. This service gives you one-on-one access to a dating coach via a telephone call.
  • Premium Membership: The Match premium membership, as mentioned above, does cost a bit more than the regular membership at $175.92 for 6 months (they also offer 3 and 12-month options). With the premium membership, you receive all of the features of a regular membership with a few added perks like an annual expert profile review, email notifications when your messages are read and a free profile boost one per month.


Zoosk or Match: Which Has Your Vote?


Choose Zoosk if you…

  • Like international dating.
  • Appreciate a simple, easy-to-use app.
  • Prefer to try 1 paid month before jumping into a longer commitment.
  • Like a fast sign-up.
  • Have a Facebook account to connect.


If you feel that the Zoosk dating app hits on everything you are looking for, go to the Zoosk login and start your free triall or new membership today.


Choose Match if you…

  • Are seeking a long-term relationship.
  • Prefer getting your matches both on the app and in your email.
  • Wanting safe ways to communicate with a match.
  • Want to take advantage of the singles gatherings and activities.
  • Like the idea of having a dating coach at your beckoned call.


If Match seems to be a better fit in helping you find the relationship you’re looking for, visit the Match site and start your search today

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